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  1. mike14

    50mm stem (35mm)

    Item: 50mm stem that'll hold 35mm bars Location: Ideally Melbourne but happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: less than retail? Extra Info: Paradox feels a touch short so looking for a longer stem to see if it changes anything
  2. mike14

    Russia Vs. America; Here we go again kids!

    While not wanting to down play the seriousness of the situation; having watched enough grunts bumblefuck around trying to get the javlein and its components working correctly, the thought of all the accidents and equipment breakages that would occur in the hands of random civilians is quite...
  3. mike14

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Some more urban fun on the Paradox. Got the drivetrain running quieter. May have to look at getting a 50mm stem, feels a tad to short
  4. mike14

    Newly Released Bikes General

    Spectral now available with 125mm travel, but same geo as the bigger version 125/140 is a pretty good spot for a lot of the trails I ride, but that's a damn slack HA and relativity long chainstays for what should be a...
  5. mike14

    AM The rules says no more bikes, but n+1 is a rule... It's a Paradox!

    I think this place went more than 15 mins without a Banshee PYR so I'm here to rectify things! Frame - V3 Paradox - Black Rear shock - you what? Front shock/fork - DVO Sapphire D1 140mm in glorious green Handlebars - RM alloy ones off my Altitude - currently as 800mm and need to be...
  6. mike14

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Finally got a shakedown ride on the Paradox with a commute to work. Nothing fell apart and everything seemed smooth enough. Need to find the time to get it on some dirt now
  7. mike14

    2026 Commonwealth Games

    I think that's the plan (although I'm sure they'll ask the Feds to pony up - and throw some $$ around as well, consultants gotta eat! :rolleyes:). The initial plan at least called for minimal infrastructure spending because existing structures would be used, with maybe temporary seating added...
  8. mike14

    Banshee Paradox V3

    Where were you 3 months ago? :D Don't know if it helps you work out your price, but a brand new frame is about $1700
  9. mike14

    2026 Commonwealth Games

    It's been announced that Victoria is interested in hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games. Apparently there's been little interested globally due to costs, and the intent here is to re-use infrastructure built for the 2006 Games as well as push events out into regional areas rather than have them...
  10. mike14

    New bike time - suggestions?

    Is there any bike we haven't suggested? :D
  11. mike14

    New bike time - suggestions?

    RM Altitude? I'm biased but I'm loving mine as a big bike that pedals well. Ride-9 is more useful than I thought in allowing me to set it up for different trails. The price to spec isn't the best with RM but it's not totally out of whack either
  12. mike14

    The QUICK question thread.....

    I've got a giro half-lid and a Fox full-face (proframe I think) that fits really well. Didn't even need to change any of the padding.
  13. mike14

    More HSP goodness.

    Looks incredible. It sounds like you've managed to find the perfect partner/enabler as well :D!
  14. mike14

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Got this built to the stage where I could do some laps of the hill to bed the brake pads in. Gears are a bit off and I think I need to rebleed both brakes (plus trim the front hose) but the test ride felt great. First bike I've built up from a frame only
  15. mike14

    Warburton trail updates

    Tread Head Nimb(y)le Fast Food Vandals
  16. mike14

    The last movie you've last watched last

    If you're ever bored (like say in covid iso) have a roam around google for discussions about the end of taxi driver... Apparently the screenwriter was 'inspired' by the woman who attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford and ended up with her face all over magazine covers. He couldn't understand why...
  17. mike14

    The last movie you've last watched last

    Saw this in IMAX over the weekend. Pretty sure the soundtrack broke a rib :) Definitely needs to be seen on a big screen
  18. mike14

    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    My youngets's school has reported 3 cases in the two days so far. None in his year level thankfully
  19. mike14

    Little Things You Love

    Also LTIL is Pushy's order arriving 3 days after ordering!
  20. mike14

    Little Things You Love

    I use the boot economic theory all the time ("...and still have wet feet.") so I fully support that