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    WTB Rear Shock 190x51

    Item: rear shock 190x51 Location: vic Price range/Willing to Pay: ideally under $250 but show us what you have Extra Info: is to replace rear shock on polygon from about 5 years ago, would prefer something that can be serviced /fixed and with lock out.
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    15mm allen key

    Hey, did a quick search on here to no avail. Where is the best place to get a 15mm allen key to remove shimano free hub off a 12mm thru axel wheel? Tried local bike shop and bunnings and cant fond anything
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    WTB. 2nd Hand 26 inch Tyres, 29 inch Rigid Fork

    As above, wish for either, or both. Have an adventure race with my partner and need to organse a bike for her, however finances are tight at the moment seeing our fridge just died. Wish to get a set of used 26 inch tyres with a little bit of tread left, could even get away with old DH tires...
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    Headset bearings

    Need new lower bearing for my headset (reason in confessions from F****WITS )and have no idea what to get, and seeing as it was an OEM one if i need a whole new headset. Basically I have a a 2016 Merida big nine XT carbon, and need to know the best way to go. Do i need a new headset or can i...
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    Pannier Racks for Commuter

    Hi Guys, After searching the previous threads I couldnt find any decent information on pannier racks ( I know they are uncool but it is for a commuter). SO whats that go? Do you get what you pay for, or is cheaper just as good? I have a single speed steel hardtail with rim brakes and probably...
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    Rigid 26er Fork and Wheels

    Location: NSW (Preferably South Syd, but travel a lot) Price: Neg, cheaper is better as this is for a commuter. Condition: Working but not worried about paint scratch or anything. Wish to buy a rigid 26er fork, straight steerer. For a commuter frame but wish to be able to take off road for a...
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    VIC Please Delete

    Admin Please delete, moved state
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    Crack on Shock's Eye

    Hi everyone. I have what appear to be a crack on the eye where my shock is attached to the rear triangle. I have a 2011 Specialised epic with a fox brain rear shock. Has anyone else ever experienced this? From what i have read i believe warranty on shocks is only a year, is this correct? Has...
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    Altering the travel on an Spesh Epic

    Hi, Reading that the standard forks on my spesh epic (RockShox Reba RLT 29) are able to have the travel changed on them by simply removing a spacer. I want to know how much this affect's the bike, does the increase travel make it handle like a dog ect? I dont race regularly, however enjoy trying...
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    Best Pump on the trail

    Did a quick search and couldn't find any information on which is the best pump to carry while out riding. I got a couple of punctures yesterday while out and only had a mini pump which took me about 10 minutes of continuous pumping to get my 29er wheel back to reasonable pressure although i...
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    Epic Comp 2011 29er rear axle

    Hi, I stupidly forgot to put the rear axle in my car coming home from a race last weekend and need to get a new one for the epic 29er, on the standard DT swiss wheels. I have been to the local bike shops and they have told me it will cost about $90 to get the specilized one to replace it. I was...