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    Trek Fuel EX 8 or 9.8

    Nice one. The adjustments on the Fox GRIP fork really does make a big difference, feels really good in Open compared to my old x-fusion plus a bit easier to adjust on the trail than the two-speed comp dials on a HLR fork. I think SLX brakes are fine, I just wanted something different really, I...
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    Trek Fuel EX 8 or 9.8

    i have a fuel ex 9.8 2019 model. Got it on the BUPA discount as well. It's great. Came off a 150/140mm Trance 27.5. You can get your dealer to swap out the pawl kit to go 108pt on the stock hubs. $50 worth of parts or so. If you're worried about carbon wheels just stick cushcore or other rim...
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    Another one bites the dust. Cell bikes in administration

    So i looked at the site today for some reason and it was blank. Did a bit of digging and its parent company Plex Pty Ltd is in administration after insolvency...
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    SRAM Guide RS Brakes - Lever slow to return

    I have had this issue for a bit on my Guide Rs, got around to getting a new internal kit for both levers. Just for interests sake here's a photo of the updated piston on the right next to the old style on the left. It was pretty obvious the piston was sticking, when I removed it it had small...
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    State "Downhill Enduro" Round - Lithgow Pony Express 2016

    Gallery up and photos for sale here:
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    Cannonball MTB Festival 2016

    Galleries up and for sale here: You should be able to search by plate number also if there is photos with a plate (otherwise use "noplate" in search)
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    Awaba DH Nats Round 1

    Photos in gallery here (you can also search by plate number)... Should be at thredbo for Round 2!
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    All Mountain Tyres

    DHR2 up front goes great. I actually prefer it to the dhf up front, i find it corners even better but maybe that's just my style
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    World cup team changes rumor thread

    From Pat's insta last night... "Shrawlping at Thredbo this week with @barham_700 @rileyhorsman @bsykesphoto #lustymaxxisteam #lustymtbteam #berga @wearelusty"
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    The Moo

    W T F... Orienteering. The trail is probably still in good shape too, such was the build quality
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    zee vs guide rsc

    FWIW i'm happy with the performance of my Guide R brakes on my glory with 203mm/180mm F+R centerline rotors. I have shimano XTs on the trail bike and they're noticeably more on/off than the guides, the guides you have a great range of modulation and I haven't suffered any brake fade yet on...
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    Fox- is it just the short way of saying 'sub-standard suspension'?

    Just out of interest what's your method for bleeding RS shocks? Please don't say oil bath assembly. Screw a syringe/container onto the bleed port and cycle after doing their bleed via the IFP (monarch plus, other way round for a non-piggyback)
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    26" dh wheels

    will pm you
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    Crank set length?

    When you say smaller do you mean , 5 foot tall, 5foot6, 6 foot? If you're shorter than 5 foot 8 i'd go the 165mm. I'm bang on 6 foot tall and run 165 cranks on the DH bike for ground clearance and better stance (feels better having feet closer together when cranks are flat) and 175mm on...
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    2015 Glory steerer tube size

    Pretty certain my 2015 glory is running straight 1 1/8" steerer domain forks as per factory spec. I think the frame is made with a lower headtube ID that can take a 1.5" fork but the stock lower cup reduces to 1 1/8". If you really want to be sure take the top crown and stem off and drop the...
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    Seriously, GET OFF THE F*CKING TRAILS, you idiots.......

    Sounds like time for a bit of extra signage in that area if it's that common
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    NSW FOUND - XT/SLX derailleur clutch housing screws

    Sorted thanks to Moorey.
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    Tubeless Rim Tape

    I did point out earlier you should use 2 or 3 layers of it, that's what I do on all my rims, it's dirt cheap anyway.
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    NSW FOUND - XT/SLX derailleur clutch housing screws

    FOUND THANKS MOOREY! Item: XT/SLX 10speed clutch housing screws Location: NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: Not much and should fit in an envelope for cheap postage Extra Info: In a fit of stupidity on a recent ride I removed the clutch cover trailside on my SLX derailleur, and surprise...
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    Fox CTD rear shock set up on 140mm bike

    Probably a call for extra volume spacers should be able to find them locally, ask NS Dynamics, Cyclinic or your LBS Run the sag correctly and if it's still bottoming out go up to a bigger spacer - the kit has a few sizes