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    How many of you waiting for ebike frame/motorkits?

    How many of you a waiting for a decent emtb frame and motor kit to come out? Or have you decided to buy complete and transfer the parts wanted across and sell the old bike? ( Provided steerer etc has carried across.)
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    Mid school revival

    After a decade of moving from place to place and working within the industry for half my life. This frame is the only one to of stayed with me. One of 50 ever made in the world, this particular one was purchased from the only Czech republic mountain bike magazine. It's seen the gripsport over...
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    VIC 210*55 X fusion vector HLR coil

    What: 10 ride old X fusion vector HLR coil with MRP progressive spring and 300 pound stock spring. Info: high and low speed compression, rebound, air bottom out chamber. Why: got a mad deal on my MRP Hazzard that's a better match to the mezzer. Price $300 Where: Ballarat Postage: $15 Aus wide
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    White 50mm stem, 7.5*2 shock

    What: white 50mm 31.8mm stem 1 1/8 Example: old deity stem, old truvativ stem, Dartmoor stem, dabomb stem Price: $30-50 Where: postage is fine What: 7.5 * 2.0 shock, swinger, RC etc. Where: postage is fine Price: $100? Can be basic. What: dabomb sidewinder cromo crank or Kona bulge crankset...
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    Who's buying a forestal?

    Title sums it up, anyone going to follow Cedric and get on the forestal boat?
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    Are you the suv lover? Definitely correlates to the streets! So who's matching their ebike to their g wagon, or maybe a jeep blackhawk?
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    Have i missed a frame?

    Well everything is together for my slowest ever build. A house and another car got in the way! Just thought I'd pick the brains trust on here to see If I've missed any frames worth considering. Requirements: Alloy 140mm + travel 148x12 rear end 73mm Bsa BB Mullet friendly. Under $3k ish. Sub...
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    Whats been the best bike of your life?

    A few guys have started riding at work and have asked me a few times which bike has been the best one. Looking back there's been some clear stand out. 2006 sc bullit - best fun. 2014 lapierre dh 920 - best jumping. 2012 army bike Co wehrmacht - best plow. 2018 evil wreckoning - most outrageous...
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    Outbreaker- why? Why? Endos, pivot turns and skids for the kids.
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    Which offset shall i buy?

    Going the large, based off 37mm offset 150mm 27.5 fork. Question is, do I roll with a the 44mm or 51mm offset option for the 140mm manitou mezzer or do I go 150mm with 51mm offset. Rocking a 29x2.4 ardent and 27.5x2.4WT dissector. Rear travel is 140mm. Bike to be used for all styles of...
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    Any of you mob land conveyancers?

    Well thought I'd put it the masses, any of our rotorburn member's conveyancers? Few of us could use a good Victorian conveyancer to pass on some referrals as our in house one isn't keeping up with what we are selling and settling on.
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    Private mtb park with food+accom

    Always looking towards the future and assessing life's options. Would be interested to know how many of you would viably spend a weekend or few days in your own cabin in the forest with a communal eating lodge with a chef/pastry chef on site to prepare meals with produce locally and from the...
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    Tld 6400 knee brace

    Well between the hefty amounts of arthritis and some pretty nasty ligament damage along with a double break in the leg, is anyone using the tld 6400 brace? Odds of a full heal arent great and ill need to protect it if I want to keep riding into the future.
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    Which 27mm internal alloy rim

    Alright lads, getting closer with this build. However struggling on the rim selection. It'll be 28H 29er front, 32H 27.5 rear. Looking for light front rim thats welded, hopefully 6069, if it isn't I'd like it eyeleted. Would be good to pair this up with a rear matching 32H rim in 27.5 or...
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    A brake i can get excited about Finally, a modern version of my beloved hope v2s. Brutal power, no inconsistent pad wear of a 4 pot or cleaning numerous sticky pistons,or bleeding behind etc. Ticks all the boxes, but finding a price isnt easy. Distris don't list it, and Steve...
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    Trails in the dandedongs

    So seems there's alot of unsanctioned trails, question is, what's worth checking out when I can ride again?
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    Vibrocore 350 vs carbon

    Hi lads, building the wheels up next for this build and still can't decide on rims. Have spent some solid time on various carbon wheelsets and only enjoy the sensation out of the corners, otherwise not phased. Is anyone running the vibrocore 350 rim after using nobl/zelvy/enve.if so, are you...
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    Anyone driving the following : Lexus RC, infiniti q60 or Jaguar XE.

    As per comments as I know a few of you lads like the car world: keen to see if anyone is using one of the above 3 as their daily and wondering how you find it?
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    AM F**K carbon.

    Been a long time since a fresh build, longest since I was 15 actually. Been well over a year since the last, and no wheels since early in the year. Frame: Last Glen mx v2 raw large Fork: Manitou mezzer 160mm Shock: XF vector hlr with sprindex coil and enduro needle bearings Brakes: Hope tech...
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    Trw derailleurs For the non working dentists around. We slowly see more on the market, come on TRP. Pick up the slack from Box.