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    Numb hand solutions

    got a bit of a double whammy with numb hands - nerve damage from chemo and back problems (t4 syndrome) mean I need all the help I can get in keeping feeling. Gone plus tyres on the new bike but I dont like the grips that came stock so that seems like a place to start. ODI rogues get a few...
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    Sold Kona Cadabra 2012 18.5

    SOLD Item: Kona Cadabra 2012 18.5/medium Location: Sydney/Olympic Park Item Condition: used, some scapes as suitable a bike of this age Reason for selling: Bought a new bike Price and price conditions: $900..ono Extra...
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    marin bikes

    I had been looking at a new trek fuel ex 8 but came across the sponsors special on the marin B17. Spec looks good value, geo seems good for me (very short legs long torso is a pain to fit). Main concerns are being mail order only and not a name I see much out there, and no real forum talk, just...
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    Giro helmet durability

    looking to buy a giro hex, fits ok but reviews on the fitting system's strength aren't great. Also aware that if you have a large enough sample of anything you will find people with issues. Does anyone have experience of the rocloc 5 system failing? being a sweaty person I'm after something...