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  1. baden72

    Newcastle Freeriders!!!!!

    All those newy folks out there P.M me im keen to go riding!! im looking for new locations with massive drops, huckers etc.. anyone help me out??:cool:
  2. baden72

    Got Pain? The youtube and google crash video thread

    anybody else think this would hurt??:p im surprised he got up after this
  3. baden72

    oil on discbrake?

    got oil on my disc-brake so i took it off cleaned the pads with metho and dryed it out. works bit better but not much. should i sand it down a bit?? cant get down my local bike shop anytime soon, so i cant buy new pads. any other suggestions?? thanx;)
  4. baden72

    where to ride in blacktown??

    im going to blacktown this weekend and havn't ever found a good place to ride anywhere around there, i dont wana sit around all weekend and want to get out on my pushy. anyone no of any good street around there? cheers
  5. baden72

    san remo djs

    does anyone no if san remo council jumps are still ther.. last time i went the council were closing it down because of vandill's (fucking vandills ruinin it 4 every1). they were some fun jumps 2. othas no them as doyalson jumps??
  6. baden72

    big jump!!

    pretty sick jump. what do uz think bout it?? was hard work
  7. baden72


    does anyone know where the quarry is over swansea.. i havnt seen any1 over ther in ages:confused: .. its been adbandoned:p every1 should com up ther one week in holidays n fix it all up... giv me times if your interested!!!!:D :D