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  1. clockworked

    suspension stiction / resistance to movement

    To the physics nerds: Is stiction at the start of the stroke in air suspension the same independent of spring rate? Ie: is stiction a relatively larger problem for lighter riders, or does the stiction stay relative to weight for heavier riders? Do lighter riders find more benefit in initial...
  2. clockworked

    Exposed by a Strava KOM - great long form story

    I liked the bit that said the SAS are a like the green berets... I was a member of the defence cycling club. Really nice group of people and a great part of defence life, but there's no conceivable way they had enough influence to allow an enlisted member enough time off work to be a pro...
  3. clockworked

    Canyon Neuron

    I've got an optic, which is similar. It pedals great and is fun on flat trails. It feels great on steep stuff too, but it hits a very hard wall at speed. Its great up to its limits, but it's limits are closer than on a 150mm bike. I feel like its perfect for the old set up of having a trail bike...
  4. clockworked

    Going back to a hardtail from a dualie?

    Dont do it. Hardtails are the horses of the car world. In isolation they're good and have character and whatever, but it almost every measurable metric they suck unequivocally.
  5. clockworked

    You laugh you lose

    Welcome to Miami slaps
  6. clockworked

    Electric Vehicles etc

    My triton is 10 years old and has cost me fuck all to keep going. Granted, I'm holding onto it because im hopefull of a decent electric replacement soon. But not all cars are dead after 10 years
  7. clockworked

    Newly Released Bikes General

    Looks like the norco range vlt
  8. clockworked

    RIP!! Marshy and Warney

    He did live a pretty full life. He must have been Warne out
  9. clockworked

    Newly Released Bikes General

    Yeah they run sweet on my norco
  10. clockworked

    Derby in Tassi

    Where are you living that you haven't ridden in 8 months?!
  11. clockworked

    Boba Fett's teeth

    They're not good teeth. They're good prosthesis. If i had to choose between the empire or the rebels I'd have to choose the empire clinic to do my dentistry in. They look cleaner.
  12. clockworked

    I sweat too much - what to do???

    I moved to tasmania. Its worked pretty well to reduce sweating so far
  13. clockworked

    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    It does look like the sort of groundwork they do to appeal to liberal voters. They're saving money on RATs and saving the economy in doing so. If anything, it seems to me like a solid move to appeal to selfish liberal voters australiawide
  14. clockworked

    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    Jeez. Gotta respect the commitment there
  15. clockworked

    FR560 or something else.

    I went through 2 rims in 2 months on my ebike. Some non-series dtswiss 28 hole one, and a race face arc 28 hole. Switched that for a 32 hole ex471 (because world cup racers like them) and it's been dead straight for months. I put an insert in there too though. I reckon the narrow width helps...
  16. clockworked

    It has.... Been a while....

    150mm 29er is perfect in tassie. You can go down to 130 if you want more of an xc bike, and up to 160-180 for a more dh orientated bike, but you'll be amazed what a 150mm 29er can do these days I've got a 140/125mm 29er and a 180mm 27.5 ebike and i reckon I've got the perfect mix there
  17. clockworked

    Spirit of Tasmania

    Me too. Might go the weekend after as well. Or st helens, or mersey, or penguin. Maybe I'll just stay home and ride hobart and maydena. It was worth moving here
  18. clockworked

    Spirit of Tasmania

    Yeah, except at no time did you occupy the house in this example. I'm glad this is enough to get you worked up. Your life must be a cake walk otherwise.
  19. clockworked

    Spirit of Tasmania

    If you only booked because of the possible refund then just cancel. Stop being a whiner.
  20. clockworked

    zee or saint rear derailleur 36t

    Item: 10 speed saint or zee rear derailleur in the 36 tooth capacity. I've got a 25t version saint if you wanna swap Location: hobart Item Condition: working Price and price conditions: swap, or dependant on condition Extra Info: not the one marked "close ratio compatible" on the mount. I...