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  1. silentbutdeadly

    Mechanical discs viable?

    That's the stuff...just bear in mind that it's a little stiff compared to the usual outer so tight curves aren't it's thing and the outer plastic is hard so more frame protection might be required. works fine on my ride.
  2. silentbutdeadly

    Mechanical discs viable?

    BMX outer cable is virtually compressionless and is available by the metre for under $5. I think I got mine from RAM Cycles in Adelaide. I've used it on the Niner RLT road bike with BB7 brakes for the last four years. Works a treat...
  3. silentbutdeadly

    Going back to a hardtail from a dualie?

    Yeah...but only because there's not much in the way of trails around here and what is around tends to be more than what I and the dually are really suited to (and I can't afford to move to a burlier dually). Besides, being an old bloke carrying chronic injuries, bouncing from arsehole to...
  4. silentbutdeadly

    The stupid questions thread.

    A length of solar panel mounting bar across the tub with a fork trap attached to it is an option. Or just screw the trap into the tub.
  5. silentbutdeadly

    Little Things You Hate

    You should drink more...they don't bother me! Otherwise, just smoke them as one would with bees...they abandon ship pretty quick with no harm done.
  6. silentbutdeadly

    Have Bikebug or Pushys warehouses and ordering been affected by the floods?

    Freight via Oz Post has been truly mounted...and that doesn't help the process.
  7. silentbutdeadly

    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    High levels of dissolved phosphorus and dissolved iron are all most algae needs as they are usually the only limiting nutrients in our environment.
  8. silentbutdeadly

    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    It's usually an indicator of low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water...the cause of which can be many and varied.
  9. silentbutdeadly

    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    That looks like iron sulphide bacteria to me. It's not great in that it's a sign of poor water quality and poor catchment health but it's not necessarily anything worse than the deep indifference of suburban life ..
  10. silentbutdeadly

    Little Things You Love

    Sand makes hills...and wind can sometimes be an effective alternative. Honestly, going from the Mallee to somewhere with hills...we can't climb or descend but by golly we can pedal...
  11. silentbutdeadly

    Little Things You Hate

    I was going to post on here about being half passed by a semi trailer on a piece of dual carriageway today whilst trying to claim a least a bit of the Newell Highway in the absence of any sensible shoulder...but you definitely can have that. I don't want that...
  12. silentbutdeadly

    Little Things You Love

    Fair crack but that's a big hill compared to much of what Coomie has...sorry, hasn't.
  13. silentbutdeadly

    Paint or Powder coat?

    The powder coater at Irymple is as good as any I've used but unless your 'product to be painted' is either ferrous or already powdercoated then don't bother. Go with paint. Main point...who the fuck in Sunraysia (apart from you) is going to give a shit what your fork lowers look like?
  14. silentbutdeadly

    Why you ride

    I ride because I can. Except I can't seem to find the time. So I don't. But I will....I hope.
  15. silentbutdeadly

    Universal phone mount?

    Azur top tube bag. Pushys sell them for about $20. But there's a few other iterations...
  16. silentbutdeadly

    Little Things You Hate

    We've been doing this as part of our drought recovery in the paddocks and (though your mileage may vary) I've found that slashing/mowing more intensively doesn't hurt as much as you might think. Ive just slashed the paddocks this week and I'll do the better ground again coming into winter (gets...
  17. silentbutdeadly

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Ahhh...but do they shift like a dream?
  18. silentbutdeadly

    Russia Vs. America; Here we go again kids!

    Well. That was fun...
  19. silentbutdeadly

    You laugh you lose

    1 man in Toowoomba defeating thousands of whatevertheyare in Canberra is quite something for all those dipshits currently in Canberra could aspire to...
  20. silentbutdeadly

    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    You are just reinforcing their views that Canberra doesn't like or care about what they like. You should do it again...