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  1. Big JD

    New geometry and consequences for bike fit

    "The evolution of frame geometry definitely makes bikes better and more capable, but nothing comes without consequences or adjustments. To some extent, we're all having to re-learn bike fit." CEO of Ibis Bikes Perhaps this is just related to tall buggers - Im 197cm. I recently brought a...
  2. Big JD

    XT or XTR race spds

    Item: XT or XTR race pedals. Happy to swap my XTR trail (Platform ones) Location: Melb Price range/Willing to Pay: swap or reasonable charges- XTs are $120 new Extra Info: I prefer the race style over the platform ones. Cheers JD
  3. Big JD

    Signage on Mt Wellington

    Hi Tassie I have heard there is some effective trail signage on Mt Wellington for multiuse trails. Anyone in the area that could post up some pictures please? Cheers
  4. Big JD

    XL SS 29er frame/ bike

    Looking for a XL frame or bike that I can run SS. Item- Ss Condition Used Willing to pay- what it is worth Location- Vic Cheers JD
  5. Big JD

    VIC Swap 29er Pike 140mm SOLD

    Please remove- I have a RTC3 Pike 2016/17 29er fork in great condition on my FS bike set @ 140mms. The steerer is too short and I would prefer to use my Fox 34 (off my HT) on the FS. So i would need a decent fork with a long steerer 195mm+, tapered, with 15mm TA and standard spacing (not...
  6. Big JD

    VIC Thomson stem- 60mm for $60- SOLD

    Item: Thomson stem- 60mm (31.8) Location: Melb Item Condition: great- no marks Reason for selling: gone 35mm diameter. Price and price conditions: $60 or $1 per mm Extra Info: can post at your expense Pictures: you know what they look like SOLD
  7. Big JD

    VIC 2 x Raceface Turbine 35mm stems SOLD

    I have 2 x Raceface turbine stems for sale Item: Raceface turbine stems for used with 35mm bars. it is 50mms long for 1/8th steerer Location: Melbourne Item Condition: great- both have had light use and no marks Reason for selling: too short- need 60mm Price and price conditions: $75-...
  8. Big JD

    VIC Swap 35mm Raceface Turbine 50mm stem for a 60mm

    Item: Swap 35mm diameter Raceface Turbine 50mm stem for a 60mm Location: Melb Price range/Willing to Pay:$00 Extra Info: looks like this
  9. Big JD

    Handlebar Height/ rise questions

    I have a few queries and need you love and support. There are just so many options and well...................... On my FS bike i have 50mm stem (6 degree rise) with 800mm bars with a 20mm rise. The bars are a little low (noticable drop- saddle to bars) and unfortunately the steerer has been...
  10. Big JD

    My tyres feel dead and lifeless.

    Anyone else notice that certain tyres feel dead and harsh and lack dampening. Going from Schwalbe to Maxxis I really notice this feeling on both my HT and FS. It must come down to the compounds as I run similar air pressures. I was running the harder Schwalbe compound and EXO Maxxis. Schwalbe...
  11. Big JD

    Easton Havoc 35mm carbon - SOLD

    Item: Easton Havoc 35mm carbon handle bar- 770mm wide with 20mm rise. Location:Melb Item Condition:great Reason for selling:no longer needed Price and price conditions: $120 Extra Info: will post at your expense or pick up Fairfield Pictures: cant load photos- looks like this
  12. Big JD

    VIC XXL 29er Santa Cruz Highball Carbon-remove thanks

    One for the big folks- Im 6.4. XXL carbon Santa Cruz hardtail with Fox 34 forks- 120mm, full XT 11 speed and new Easton 27 wheelset. Carbon bars and seatpost. Perfect condition and covered in protective tape. Brought a FS 6 months ago and just dont ride this rig anymore. Used it for commuting...
  13. Big JD

    VIC Easton carbon 35mmx 735mm bars SOLD

    More cockpit stuff for sale. Struggling with pictures- will get asap. Item:Easton Havoc carbon bar 35mm x cut to 735mm wide Location:Melb Item Condition:used but fine Reason for selling:not needed Price and price conditions: $80 Extra Info: pick up is cool otherwise post at your expense...
  14. Big JD

    VIC Rockshox Pike RCT3 2016 29er- 140mm- SOLD

    Pikes are just in for a service but for sale on return. Item: Rockshox Pike RCT3 2016 29er currently set at 140mm- tapered steer is 190mm long, with 15mm through axle. Location: Melbourne Item Condition: great- just serviced Reason for selling: prefer Fox Price and price conditions: $650...
  15. Big JD

    VIC 27.2 seatpost with alittle flexy goodness.

    Like Syntace, Niner, Cannondale Save or a nice titanium one. Take a little sting out of my HT. Prefer inline (not setback) and around 400mm long. What you lot got out there. Item: 27.2 seatpost with flexy love. Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $ depends on what you have...
  16. Big JD

    VIC KS Lev 27.2- 400mm long x 100mm travel SOLD

    LEV has always represented the latest technology but is already a classic among top contending dropper posts. With a myriad of firsts to it’s name; first hydraulic dropper to offer zero cable movement, first dropper to offer adjustable rotational orientation, first dropper to win a UCI World XC...
  17. Big JD

    SMP Drakon Saddle- SOLD

    Item: SMP Drakon Saddle Location: Melbourne Item Condition: great condition- no rips or marks Reason for selling: not in use Price and price conditions: $150 including postage- now $130 Extras: nope Pics: asap
  18. Big JD

    VIC Thomson 60mm Stem 31.8- SOLD

    Item: Thomson 60mm black 31.8 x zero- Stem Location: Melbourne Item Condition: great- swapped out to titanium bolts Reason for selling: going 35mm Price and price conditions: $70 Extra Info: will post at your expense Pictures:
  19. Big JD

    VIC WTB Specialized 155mm wide saddle

    Spech Phenom, Hedge or Ronin 155mm saddle Item: saddle Location: anywhere- Aust Post Condition: used Price: TBC Star sign: leo Extra Info: not really. Love JD
  20. Big JD

    VIC Fox Factory FIT Float 29er CTD 110mm Kashima,SOLD

    Item: Fox Factory Float 29er CTD 110mm with Kashima and FIT dampener, 15mm axle and long (205mm) tapered steerer Location: Melbourne Item Condition: great condition, works beautifully, no marks or scratches- has protective tape installed Reason for selling: going 34s or Pikes @ 120mm for my...