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  1. Ash HT

    WA Titanium XC - 29er Med

    FOR SALE (almost new) ….This Titanium 29er Med, XC bike is new retail $8733 AUD and was built for a photo shoot and only done aprox 30kms of riding. Take it away for $7000 Firm AUD and postage is available extra. Comes with the lifetime frame warranty and a nice quality build. The titanium...
  2. Ash HT

    When do you think we will travel with the bike again?

    When do you think we will travel with the bike again? And want location are you heading.? Me well pre covid I was planning to do some skids down a 2500m volcano, Jan 2020. We landed and 11 of us all ready to do this ride then the Volcano started spitting sh#t out the top and the Government...
  3. Ash HT

    Boutique titanium frame market and factories.

    I'm reading through some of these posts about Ti frames, Waltly and boutique brands, as some know I work at one. Anyway a bit of info if anyone is interested. You find a few OEM's in the boutique frame market, some make there own but not many. Some just wack a design together and get a cheap...
  4. Ash HT

    Titanium squishy build

    Dam that sucks, new frame arrives and missing the rear coil still...Gotta wait another week.....:mad:
  5. Ash HT

    KS dropper issue

    Got a KS dropper on one of my bikes, its about 5 rides old. After about 20 min of riding it moves down, (not in the frame) Any Ideas ? Cannot remember who I brought it from so cannot send back. I have had it about 6 months.
  6. Ash HT

    Can never have too much Titanium right?

    Just tossed this one together with a few bits laying around the shed...........Can never have to much Titanium right...:) First time using the Cane Creek Helm2 air, was actually very surprised how good it is. My last Nero Ti build had a Lyric Ultimate never thought I would find a fork as good...
  7. Ash HT

    Not so newbie

    Hi guys long time lurker not so new to bikes. I work for Roost Bike as the do it all guy, designed the Nero Ti, HCHT. Also run Loose Riders in Perth WA Been riding.........well lets just say a long time and had more crashed than Friday fails ;), Favorite ride location is Chiang mai Thailand...