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    QLD WTB - Banshee gen2 or 3 142 hanger

    I ordered an identical part from these guys and had it within a week during peak covid.
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    150mm Trials Stem

    Item: Trials stem. Something around 150mm x 30degrees. 1 1/8 steerer with 31.8 clamp Location: Post it to me in Sydney, please Price range/Willing to Pay:$50 Extra Info: Nope. Cheers, Scott
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    Bar Height

    Your sore hands could be sweep related. I have always suffered with sore hands riding to the trails along the cycle ways, but once on the dirt it went away, presumably because I am standing more or moving around. Regardless, I switched from regular 50mm risers (Spank spike) to a bar with almost...
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    Motorcycle Thread - Post it all

    My fuckwit story for the week... I hadn't ridden any of my bikes for 6+ months, so last weekend I dug out my little Kawasaki Triple. Filled in the log book, topped up the petrol and she started after a couple of kicks. Stoked, I set off down the street in a cloud of blue smoke and obnoxious...
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    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    My 9-46 11sp "ULT" is working fine. At the time, it was around $100.00 delivered. I didn't give it a fighting chance as I slapped it on with a very used XX1 chain that had already out lasted a Hope cassette. After 500Ks it still looks brand new. Shifting feels much the same as a GX cassette.
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    Where to buy a new bike in Sydney?

    Don't get me wrong; if you're lucky enough to have a nephew that really is genuinely interested in riding trails and has a means to get there every week then that's friggin' awesome! I'm sure there are heaps of people here who wish their own kids were so inclined.
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    Where to buy a new bike in Sydney?

    100% what Poodle said! Real-Life Translation: the kid will never ride in the trails and will spend most of his time sitting on the bike whilst talking shit with mates. The kid just wants a new bike and is throwing out as many justifications as possible to increase his chances of getting a new...
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    New bike: Street trials or dirt jumper?

    Hey Guys, I'm after some input on a new bike purchase. At the start of the current lock down, I borrowed a Polygon Trid off a mate to see if I would enjoy owning a dirt jumper. Turns out I do and so does the wife. I've since bought her a Commencal Absolut and we've been out riding the local...
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    Frame painting... (or frame wrapping?)

    What about using Plastidip? Easy to remove if you want to sell the bike or change the colour.
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    Bar width - how wide is too wide?

    I am drowning in confirmation bias when it comes to bar widths. A couple of weeks ago, I broke my hanger and whilst waiting for a replacement to arrive borrowed my brother's bike. After a couple of rides, I was at the bike shop convinced I needed a new "longer, lower, slacker" frame as the other...
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    mid travel 29er suggestions

    V2, L, red raw
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    I can post it, but I would prefer whoever buys it comes and fiddles with the knobs, pumps it up and down and confirms for themselves that there is nothing wrong it and everything is working as expected. The last time I posted a 36 TALAS was a nightmare, so I'm loath to go through that again...
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    Oi, lowball me already
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    Item: X-Fusion Trace Roughcut RCP. 29" 80-140mm travel, 15x100, 51mm offset Location: Cromer 2099 (Sydney's Northern Beaches) Item Condition: Used, so scratches etc otherwise mechanically fine Reason for selling: Sick of looking at it Price and price conditions: $350 Extra Info: Pickup Pictures:
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    Which rattle can for frame painting

    Raw is the best finish; buy a can of clear coat and call it done! Alternatively, this stuff is really good at sticking to almost anything. No primer etc required. *edit: ^ Probably not what you want if you want a glossy clear coat...
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    GX Eagle - shitty shifting solved!!

    I am not sure if anyone else has replied to this and I missed it, but I just had the exact same problem with a brand new GX derailleur. I am running it as 11spd with an X1 shifter and Hope cassette. The first thing I noticed with the brand new GX is the B bolt is identical to the old X1, but...
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    How to Manual, Wheelie and Endo

    I am by no means an expert in any of this, but I have spent the last 6 months practicing wheelies and manuals non-stop, so it's still front of mind. YMMV. You might actually be sitting too close to the tyre and/or not standing up enough. This was certainly the case for me. Even after I (just...
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    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    I have the Shallow Hal toe thing going on, so it's hard for me to say what's normal... Maybe this will help: Fizik US11, Afton US11, Ion US11, 510 Hellcat US11, 510 Falcon US10.5.
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    Advice for a flat pedal newb

    The Raceface and Fookers look like copies of the Wellgo B311 pedals which have been around for yonks. Whilst I'm here, I'll add some thoughts on flat pedals after riding them twice a day for almost a month. Holy shit, bike riding is a totally different beast now and I never knew how bad/lacking...
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    Kids MTBs - jump from 20" to 24" ?

    I'm also just about ready to pull the trigger on the 20" Relic myself. With regards to the fork, does it actually do any forking or is it just adding weight for no benefit over rigid?