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    Pike Ultimate CSU and Yari lowers compatibility

    Hi, I have a 2019 Yari FS-YARI-RC-B2 (e-bike compatible) fork and the stanchions are buggered. I am wondering if the CSU from a Pike Ultimate FS-PIKE-ULT-B3 would be compatible. I am not sure if the air top cap, motion control damper, etc.. would fit into this CSU. If the motion control...
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    Lockout not working on Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+ shock

    This is a new shock so it should not have any issues. The lockout on the shock initially worked perfectly. I have since ridden ~200km and I now find that the lockout on this Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+ shock is not working. After riding fireroads the oring indicator is at 20-30% sag. The shock...
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    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    Here are a few reviews and links to many of the items I have purchased from Aliexpress over the past 2 years. All prices are in AUD including shipping and GST. Some of these were bought during their sales so you might find the prices have gone up a little. Also Aliexpress add on the GST at...
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    Question regarding shock stroke

    Can I replace a Rockshox Deluxe 205x57.5 with a Rockshox Deluxe Select+ 205x60 ?
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    Freehub body compatible with Bontrager 108 hub?

    I have a Bontrager 108 rear hub on a Bontrager Line 40 rear wheel. I believe it is 148. Currently have a SRAM Eagle NX 12spd cassette. I am looking for a freehub body that is compatible, either standard or XD. I've looked on pushys/wiggle/CRC but I don't want to buy something that won't fit...
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    Oil and alternatives for Rockshox Charger Damper

    I need to replace the oil in a charger damper in a Rockshox fork. I am a 95kg rider riding aggressively on black trails. I am looking for advice on what oil to use. Rockshox recommend a 3wt oil. So should I just use this Rockshox oil? I have also been told I can just use Maxima 3wt oil as...
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    Upgrading damper/air spring on Rockshox Yari RC

    I have a 160mm Rockshox Yari RC fork, from a 2019 Ebike. It’s a Ebike optimised fork and has the small emts sticker on the crown. I wanted to upgrade the damper and possibly the debonair air spring as well. When I checked and clicked on “upgrade kits” nothing...
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    Shimano lever and hose compatability

    Hi, I have a BR-MT520 brakeset which includes a BL-MT501 lever. One of the pistons in the caliper is buggered, so it looks like I may need a new caliper. I am considering getting an SLX caliper SLX BR-M7120 I believe that I will also need to get the hose SM-BH90-SBM Would this work with my...
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    Replacement piston for Shimano BR-MT520

    I have a 4 pot shimano caliper, BR-MT520. One of the larger ceramic pistons has cracked. I’ve pulled the caliper apart and have removed the piston. Is there any way to get a replacement piston? I’ve seen some metallic pistons advertised on eBay but I’m not sure if they would fit these brakes...
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    Improving a Rockshox Gold RL fork

    Just bought a new 2020 bike with a “RockShox 35 Gold RL Devon Air” fork. The fork doesn’t feel amazing. Last fork was a 2014 “FOX Factory Series 34 Float with CTD Adjustable FIT Damper”. Would giving the fork a lowers service and just replacing the oil and throwing in some slick honey make...
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    How long do warranty claims take?

    Hi, I dropped off my bike to the LBS (major brand) a week ago. The frame is cracked. They still haven't confirmed if this is something that will be covered under warranty. I understand that actually getting stuff replaced can take ages, but how long does it usually take for them to say if it...
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    Replacement part for broken B Bolt on SRAM XO1 DH derailleur

    Hi, I have this Giant Glory 2016. It has a SRAM X01 DH rear derailleur and the part that the B Bolt usually pushes against has broken off. I’m wondering if I can get a part to replace this? Can someone tell me if This part from pushys is what I need? Thanks
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    (Offering) Lift from Sydney to Thredbo for MTB opening weekend

    Hi All, I'm going from Sydney to Thredbo/Jindabyne leaving either tomorrow (Friday (16th) or Sat/Sun and then returning maybe Wed (21st) or sometime after that. (I'm pretty flexible with the dates). I'm in a panel van with plenty of room for bags/gear/bikes inside and also have bike racks on...
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    Thredbo 2018/2019

    Hi All, Just an FYI, the top 1/3 of the Thredbo All Mountain trail will be closed this opening weekend due to ice/snow (not sure when it will open to be honest). The All Mountain trail will be open from the top of the Gunbarrel Express chairlift. So if you want to ride the all mountain trail...
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    Offering a lift: Sydney to Thredbo Sat 26th Nov

    Hi, I'm driving from Sydney to Thredbo this Saturday (26th) if anyone wants a lift let me know. Travelling in a van with room for bikes. I'm coming back on Dec 1st. Thanks,
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    Offering a lift Sydney -> Thredbo Wed 9th March

    Hi All, I am going down to Thredbo and have a spare seat. I'm looking for someone who can help out with the driving on the way down. I am driving down in a van so I would have room for one person and their bike(s). I am planning on leaving on Wed 9th March at 7am from around Homebush...
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    Offing a lift Sydney -> Thredbo (return) (or Canberra) December 20th - 24th

    Hi All, (edit) *Offering a lift Sydney I am going down to Thredbo and have a spare seat. I'm looking for someone who can help out with the driving on the way down. I really want someone who can help with the drive as I work a nightshift before leaving so need someone who can drive an auto and...
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    Mavic Crossline free hub body, repair or replace?

    I have a Mavic Crossline rear wheel from 2009 Giant Reign X1. The wheel has a Mavic Crossline hub. I have stripped the threads on the Freehub lockring and apparently now need a new free hub body. The only place I have seen a free hub body for sale was Amazon and at ~$93 + shipping it...
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    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a brand new kathmandu bike bag for sale. Condition:Brand new with tags Price: $80 - SOLD Location: Seaforth, Sydney Pickup only. I bought this after reading the positive reviews on the forum...