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    150mm Trials Stem

    Item: Trials stem. Something around 150mm x 30degrees. 1 1/8 steerer with 31.8 clamp Location: Post it to me in Sydney, please Price range/Willing to Pay:$50 Extra Info: Nope. Cheers, Scott
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    New bike: Street trials or dirt jumper?

    Hey Guys, I'm after some input on a new bike purchase. At the start of the current lock down, I borrowed a Polygon Trid off a mate to see if I would enjoy owning a dirt jumper. Turns out I do and so does the wife. I've since bought her a Commencal Absolut and we've been out riding the local...
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    Item: X-Fusion Trace Roughcut RCP. 29" 80-140mm travel, 15x100, 51mm offset Location: Cromer 2099 (Sydney's Northern Beaches) Item Condition: Used, so scratches etc otherwise mechanically fine Reason for selling: Sick of looking at it Price and price conditions: $350 Extra Info: Pickup Pictures:
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    Should my Pike need servicing every few rides?

    Hey Guys, I recently picked up a NOS ~2017 Pike and out of the box installed a Debonair spring in it. I re-greased and lubed everything as you would in a normal lowers service. Off the top, the small bump sensitivity was great and the forks would move with the strength of one finger pushing on...
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    De-anodizing Hope parts

    Hey Guys, I've got some blue Hope parts (stem, collar, brake covers, headset) in blue that I would like to make silver to better match my frame. I'm wondering if anyone has disolved the anodizing from Hope parts and knows what the finish is like underneath and also whether the etching will...
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    XT M770 crankset for light freeride?

    Hi Guys, I was certain this would have been covered, but searching has revealed nothing. I want to replace the Holzfeller crankset on my SX Trail. I am currently running a 170mm single ring only crankset with an SRS+. I would like to change this to a lighter, more "All mountain" friendly...
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    What frame to replace my SX trail

    So I've decided that my Medium '06 SX trail is too small for the type of riding I am now doing (all mountain, light FR). I need a bike with a longer top tube as I'm getting lower back pain when in the saddle for long periods. So, I want to get a new frame to transfer all of my SX parts over...
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    Should the reducer in a DHX rotate?

    Greetings, I've just pulled the DHX4 Coil out of my SX Trail and noticed that the reducer in the top eye (ie, the one closest to the main body) does not rotate. When I tighten the through bolt that attaches the shock to the frame, it binds the shock and it does not rotate around the bolt...
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    Repair RP3 or replace with Van R?

    Greetings! So, the dust seal on my '06 RP3 popped out and in an attempt to tap it back in, I took a chip out of the shock shaft and now all the air leaks out. To get the RP3 shaft replaced, I'm looking at around $150.00-$200.00 dollars. For $350.00 I can get a brand new '09 Fox VAN R coil...