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    Decent value mid range DH hubs?

    So apparently my old wheelset is poo? So I need new rims n hubs. Hubs, I dunno, I can't afford CK, hadleys, or anything else fully top shelf, but something mid range would be ok. Thinking Hope 2 Pro would be good again, but I really don't want them. 150x12 rear, 20mm front.. Any...
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    told you these were the new thing, sold in just an hour and a half at midnight... crazy
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    06-09 Boxxer Footbolts

    Item: 06-09 Boxxer Footbolts Location: Perth Item Condition: Anything not stripped Extra Info: I'm chasing the bolts that go in the bottom of each fork leg. One has a hole through it for the rebound adjuster.
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    Tandem + Skin suits + DH

    Good laugh on the weekend. Busted out the ladies tandem and the bib knicks for a day of downhilling. Few more pics were posted on the race section but way more traffic comes in here.
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    Old CROMO mtb frame

    Item: Chasing a CROMO mtb frame Location: Perth, will pay postage Aus wide. Item Condition: No cracks, paint doesn't matter. Price and price conditions: <$100 would be awesome. Extra Info: Have plans to build something, and steel is easiest. I would prefer a DH-ish geo, but DJ geo or even...
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    Big crash + BMX track thrash

    Just a quick few video's from riding and Bullers on the weekend. I took a pretty good digger trying a jump to berm gap we scoped out, and yeah was a fun day. First one is the crash, second is more of other riding.
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    DHX5 leaking air

    My shock leaked air. I sent it to the UK. It got fully rebuilt and pushed. It still leaks air. What should I do?
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    Ironhorse Sunday Bearing Cover

    Item: Ironhorse Sunday Bearing Cover (see pic) Location: Perth, will pay postage anywhere around world if needed. Price and price conditions: Name your price? Extra Info: This little bastard got lost last weekend, and without him my bike runs somewhat sloppy-ish. My frame is from 05'. So...
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    Cockburn Summer Series Round 2 Video!!

    Well guys here and the video's from the last race. Big thanks for West Australia's very own Ira Fehlberg for filming and making the video's! For premium viewing quality, double click the vids to open youtube, then click view in high quality (will also be larger). Practise...
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    Winning National Rounds on a non-DH specific bike?

    First up, my intentions are not to bag out the You Yangs track, the event, or anthing or anyone involved. I'm just curious as to what everyones oppinion is on Amiel's win this weekend at You Yangs on a Giant Reign? For the National rounds, should tracks be more challenging and be needing a...
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    Trials Bike

    Item: Chasing a trials bike, 26" Location: I'm in Perth, but will pay interstate postage Item Condition: Newer is good, but not a huge market for these so I guess I'll take anything Price and price conditions: $800, preferably no more.
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    WA sold

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    Ironhorse Sunday (now with decals) and Yeti DJ

    Wish I could think of a catchy name, but nothing sprung to mind :( First of all, my sunday. Had it for awhile now, and she just got painted, but still no decals, they are coming (few weeks I'd recon). Frame: Ironhorse Sunday Forks: Boxxer WC's Shock: Pushed DHX5 w/ Ti spring...
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    Getting decals/stickers made?

    I would like to get a decal made, but I havn't the slightest clue what type of business does it, or what these businesses are called. I would like to have made the decal where you remove the backing, then lay down the decal, then remove the top layer, leaving behind just the individual...
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    Cockburn Summer Sessions...mtb gates it's on!

    OK, well I've been working with Cockburn BMX club sussing out us getting some track, gate and racing time. And it's all go!! The poster is pretty self explanatory except to say that this event is about participation and hooking up with some fellow mtb riders to have some fun and run some gates...
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    Boxxer Bump Stops (x2)

    Item: Boxxer Bump Stops (x2) Location: Perth, will pay postage. Item Condition: Preferably new, or not perished/torn. Price and price conditions: Not too much, but whatever really. Extra Info: I want those black rubber things that stop your forks hitting your frame.