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  1. Squidfayce

    Lake mountain Cascade trail trip

    I'm making my way to Lake Mountain on Sunday for the 10:30 am Shuttle if anyone wants a lift there and back. Weather looks great. Cool and overcast. If you're planning on riding with me, caveat is I'm super unfit. I've been off the bike since the stack last month (injury was worse than...
  2. Squidfayce

    Project build - trek hard tail

    So I have a trek marlin 5 sitting around that's full stock. It's my rat bike. I'm thinking about giving it an overhaul to make it less shit to ride when I want to/need to. Possibly making it capable for a bit of trail bashing if I want to take a mate that doesn't ride etc. The idea will be...
  3. Squidfayce

    FOUND - WTB - 100mm dropper, external routing

    No longer need. Bought one online.
  4. Squidfayce

    Float x2 (2020) tuning questions

    Hey all, Thought I'd consult the brains trust after doing some searching on the forum and online and not finding the info I need. So I'm a heavy rider (130kg kitted up), 6'1. Without spacers, setting the psi to my weight brings it right to the upper end of allowable PSI and would see bottom...
  5. Squidfayce

    anyone name their Bike (or their car?)

    Curious if anyone names their bikes, or think that's weird? If you think its weird, did you name your car? if so, fess up so you can be called a hypocrite in public. My car is named Roxy, she a free spirited gal - red VF SV6 Thinking of a name for the bike...But it feels weird, don't know why...
  6. Squidfayce

    Squid's sled

    Frame - T-Series Yeti SB150 - XL Rear shock - Fox Factory Float X2 Front shock/fork - Fox Factory 38 Handlebars - One up carbon 20mm rise Stem - One up 35mm Headset - Cane creek Grips - Ergon GA1 Saddle - Ergon SM comp Seatpost - Fox Factory Transfer Front brake - SRAM CODE RSC 200MM rotor Rear...
  7. Squidfayce

    New here.

    Hey. New here. I've had the privelage of working from home because of the coronavirus, and as a result I bought a hard tail trek, rode it around and got the taste for something more. So i did something stupid(not really). I bought a yeti sb150. Being built up, will be riding it from the...