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    Ti Ho Silver

    Frame- Walty @beeb 2nds Fork- Pike ultimate 29” 150mm 51 offset Bars- Roost Ti 31.8 (cut to 740) Stem- Title 31mm Headset-CK Headset Spacers- Controltech Timania Grips- Rev grips RG5 Saddle- SDG Duster Seat post- Fox transfer 150mm Dropper lever- YEP Joystick Seat post clamp- Controltech...
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    Item- Spacers for m9000 chainring bolts when running 34/36t chainring Location- Hobart or post Price- Tell me Condition- Useable Extra info- Sell me your glorified washers please. I have some somewhere, that somewhere could be anywhere by my looking
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    Bleeding cura 4s

    I put some cura 4s back on a bike today. I’m trying to get the lever to feel like a shimano ie quick engagement and firm feel. The bleed process is a bit shit in my opinion. I can get a firm lever with syringe connected but lose fluid when replacing bleed screw. Brakes work fine am I chasing a...
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    Sold SOLD

    Item- Shimano MT900 crankset, 170mm, 32t direct mount chainring, 52 chain line Location- Hobart or post Item condition- New in box Reason for sale- Want 165 cranks Price- $230 posted Extra info- Will sell with no chain ring if preferred. No trades now as bought new cranks. Pics- Yep
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    Item - TRP slate T4 front brake Location- Hobart or post Item condition- New in box Reason for sale- Don’t like the lever shape Price- $130 posted Extra info- I bought 2 sets of these, I don’t like the shape/feel of the lever. Better to sell now than collect dust Pics- Yes
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    TAS 30.9-150mm Dropper post

    Item- 30.9-150mm int dropper (one up preferably) Location- Hobart/Post Item condition-excellent/new Reason for buying- Can’t find new one up anywhere. Price- Negotiable Extra info- Prefer one up, must have cable end at post. Can trade 125mm or 100mm post if desired. Pics- Love me a pic
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    TRP Quadiem rear brake

    Item- TRP Quadiem rear brake Location-Hobart or Post office Condition-Good to new Reason-Want to do skids, can only do stoppies at the moment Price- They are yours to sell Pics- Yes please
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    Item- xt 12 speed derailleur (long cage) location- hobart reason for sale- surplus price- $90 item condition- very good, couple of small scuffs extra info- may trade for nex xt 11 speed pics- yes (pm for the dirty shots)
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    TAS Sold

    Item- rev grips (race)31mm location- hobart item condition- excellent price-$50 reason for sale- my hands like there rg5 extra information- will include washers (like pro grips) also new set of inserts. pics- yes
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    Spank vibracore 350v359

    Anyone running vibracore rims or wheels? What is the difference between the 2? If I look at spanks site it seems one is 28h and one is 32h? On local sites they are listed both as 32h. Weight difference?
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    Item: fulcrum red zone 27.5 (not boost) Location:Hobart Item Condition:front fine/rear average Reason for selling:not used Price and price conditions:$20 or 4 pack of Bulmers Extra Info:were road wheels Pictures: yes
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    Item:Dt 240 6 bolt 32h 100x15 (no turbo) Location:Hobart Item Condition:New Reason for selling:New rims fund Price and price conditions:$110 Extra Info:These are nearly retro now Pictures: yes
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    Match made in heaven

    Where in Australia can I buy a magura to shimano ev matchmaker? I know I need a magura shift mix 4 or equivalent
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    Item- 29”148 rear wheel microspline or dt swiss 240 or 350 hub, 30mm int Location- Hobart(prefer local) Price- Negotiable Extra info- Waiting for hubs to turn up for new wheel set. Bit of time off so a little impatient. Happy to trade, buy, rent or borrow a rear wheel short term. Can trade...
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    Tairin hubs?

    Has anyone run Tairin hubs? Looking at microspline compatiable hub options and came across these. I’d never heard of them. They have an instant engagement silent hub in the works as well.
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    Race face affect hub/microspline 3hub?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a microspline free hub for a race face affect hub? Not 100% sure but I think they are a 3 paw formula freehub body.
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    Is there a lower stack stem than 31mm?

    I just bought a dmr defy stem thinking it would squeeze in. FAIL. Trying to make a Mac ride fit my pivot. Drama being I’m running the 17mm bottom cup to slacken it a little. Is there a shorter stack stem or do I need to go an angle set headset and loose the cup. I need to gain another 4mm.
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    Bike value guide?

    Is there a redbook of bikes? I'm looking at selling a santa cruz highball 29er to put towards a new frame. I'm not after Covid tax prices and have no idea were to start with a value. Bike is in great nick and well maintained. Pic for a reference but bike would be sold with different brake set...
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    TAS Raceface t2 tailgate pad

    Item- Raceface T2 tailgate pad Location- Anywere if you will post 7011 Price- Tell me Extra info- looking for new but nothing in stock, size small/med
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    Item- SOLD to the parts whore Location- Hobart will post Item condition- New Reason for sale- No cranks to suit Price- $40 posted Pics- Attached Item- m8000 Blackspire snaggletooth 36t Location- Hobart will post Condition- New Reason for sale- No cranks to suit Price- $30 Posted...