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    Ooooh My Orbea Occam

    So after riding a steel hardtail for the past 5 years, I started looking for a new school Carbon trail bike. Ripley, ripmo, Stumpjumper, Rascal and trail 429 all on the short list. No real sign at the start of the Occam, didn’t really know much about Orbea to be honest. Step in Davy Sprocket who...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: Pike 29er 150mmm RCT3 non boost brand new Location: Bundanoon but at your house because I’ll post... Item Condition:Brand New in Box Reason for selling:project that didn’t go ahead Price and price conditions:$750 posted to eastern Mainland states - WA and Tas extra postage if required...
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    Wingello Closed Until Further Notice

    WINGELLO MTB TRAILS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Following the Morton bushfire on the night of Sat 4 January, we can see from the RFS fire mapping that at least 90% of the MTB trails in Wingello State Forest have burnt. At the time of posting, the Morton fire is still active. Even after it is...
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    Tyres are killing my fun... Help bring the fun back...

    So 115kg kitted up. Ride XC/Trail On a steel 29 hardtail. Carbon rims tyre pressures around 28-30psi. i have killed 3 Maxxis tyres in 3 months - Ikon 2.2 exo 3c tr, ikon 2.35 exo 3c tr and an ardent race 2.35 exo 3c tr. One cut side wall and he other 2 cut in the tread surface. All on the rear...
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    99 Bikes Canberra - which one?

    Buying a new bike from the superstore that is 99 bikes. I live in the southern highlands 1/2 way between Sydney and Canberra. Prefer to travel to Canberra so which 99 bikes should I use Phillip or Mitchell? Don’t have a preference either way so experience with either would be appreciated? Thanks
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    Norco Sight sizing a growing boy

    So the young bloke has nearly sold enough loads of firewood to purchase a new trail bike. He is nearly 14 (yes he cuts his own wood with the chainsaw and probably other ways teenage boys do) He is 168cm and growing obviously. He wanted a trance 29 but giant are pretty much exhausted of stock...
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    2020 Bike Models & Pricing..

    Don’t know if anyone else has been caught by the what’s coming up next season bug but today I found out the following... Trek has released the new Top Fuel model. Basically a marathon/trail bike - bumped the travel up to 115mm and put a 120mm Fork on. Nothing outstanding here however here is...
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    Is this justifiable or just more of the same... Esker Hayduke

    Ok firstly I have and only ever have one MTB at a time. Currently it’s a steel Ritchey P29 PYR thread Ritchey Spec I didn’t ride for about 16 months from mid 2017. I...
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    Item: Saddle 142mm - 146mm wide Henge Ergon Etc (missed 2 of the recently) must have relief set up Location: Anywhere happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: not more than $75 Extra Info:A take off or old hardly used spare would be great
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    Women’s Mountain Bikes Upgrade for the Wife

    So my wife who has been riding a 26” hardtail on and off for 6 years has recently been riding more and after hiring bikes at Rotorua recently has decided it’s time for an upgrade. I am looking for advice on a short travel 120-130mm dual suspension in 650b. She is only 158cm - so short. At this...
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    Sold Sold

    ITEM: ISI 4x4x4 bike rack Location: Bundanoon NSW Item Condition: 2 years old - it built like a brick shit house - nothing missing - nothing broken. Reason for selling: Can’t get 5 bikes on it. Price and price conditions: It hard to gauge value as they don’t come up often so let’s start around...
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    27.5 QR Rear Wheel FOUND

    Item: 27.5 QR Rear wheel only Location: probably Sydney to Canberra and Wollongong South coast - unless shipping is cheap Item Condition: excellent please Price and price conditions: $100 - $150 Extra Info: Building up a bike for my Daughter and seeing what’s out there.
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    1x Crankset near new threaded - FOUND

    Item: 1x Crankset to use with new deore set up Location: Willing to pay post for the right one money Price range/Willing to Pay: can get new for around $129 so less than that posted Extra Info: Upgrading my daughters bike to 1x 10 and need a near new (it’s a birthday present) crankset with...
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    Sold Fox 100mm 29 Fork CTD FIT - Sold

    Item: Fox 2014 (I think ) Ctd 100mmx15mm fork Location: Southern Highlands NSW Item Condition: Good - no marks on stauntions, some cable rub on crown. Excellent working order. Steerer is 158mm and tapered Reason for selling: Kept them as a spare after moving to 120mm pike. Haven't used them...
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    So I scratched my Pike..... Options?

    I have a 3cm long scratch on the stauntion of my 120mm pike. I bought the fork off crc for $650. It only has about 20hrs of riding on it. A new csu is going to set me back about $600. I am not mechanically capable, so this includes fitting, cutting etc. Obviously the repair is one option but...
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    Canfield EPO

    So perhaps looking to sell my steel hardtail and thinking this Canfield EPO looks like the likely replacement. Anyone had one, got one or got any real world feed back on it? I know Crankin used to import/distribute but it looks like it's direct from the states now. Frame will be over $1000 au...
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    Lake Mulwala / Yarrowonga

    Easter it seems is here (lake mulwala / Yarrawonga) this year. We normally meet friends from Melbourne, normally at Beechworth or Bright. However, this year where headed to the lake/river. Can't see any real riding out there. anyone got a heads up for any riding around there?
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    29er Hardtail frame - Medium or Large

    Item: 29er Hardtail Frame Location: willing to pay post to nsw 2577 Price range/Willing to Pay: not much... Hoping under $300 including postage Extra Info: Must be able to take tapered fork. Hoping for aluminium trek superfly or Scott scale (70' head angle or less preferred) Designed...
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    Sold -Adidas Sunglasses 2x Brand New in Box Both with Spare Lenses

    Item 1: Adidas Evil Eye Pro Size Small Black/Yellow Location:Southern Highlands NSW Item Condition:Brand New in Box - with spare LST lenses Reason for selling:I have a funky sized face Price and price conditions:$80...
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    New post feature

    I will try to explain and it might be my fucwittery at play. Is there a setting or a way to make me not have to read every new post each time I visit the site? For example I come on and enjoy reading what did you do for/with your bike. Thread. I hit the new post feature check other thread and...