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  1. Freediver


    bloody hell
  2. Freediver

    Organ Donation.

    Parts 'n stuff kind of seems appropriate. There's only a couple of people on here that know what I went through last year but in a bizarre coincidence I lost the two people I loved most to complications from kidney failure. My Mum died in January then my partner in November. There is a good...
  3. Freediver

    For Moorey

  4. Freediver

    M3 grub screw for ctd knob

    The grub screw in the ctd knob broke and now I need a M3 grub screw. I know just wanting to buy one is a pain in the arse but I really don't need a pack of 100 or want to wait for it to arrive from overseas. Any ideas where I can grab one local to Melbourne, west side or CBD?
  5. Freediver

    WARNING. Don't smoke ice or shag crocodiles. DANGER

  6. Freediver

    Best thing for cleaning off Stan's boogers?

    Had my first Stan's bukake party today, What a freaking mess. What's the best way to clean up the tyre before I put it back on without dissolving the god knows how many holes that have sealed?
  7. Freediver

    Froome hit by car

    What an arse pimple.
  8. Freediver

    Scientific proof Jolanda is ace. Over 500 watts for 4 minutes with a peak of 700 from such a tiny little thing.
  9. Freediver

    DIY tubeless pump

    I'm not sure that either of my track pumps can deliver air quick enough for tubeless, there just seems to be too much resistance. There must be some small diameter bits in there somewhere making it hard. That makes me think it could be DIY time. The plan is to get some 90mm PVC, turn down a...
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    167 kmh downhill
  11. Freediver

    Detroit's pimped bikes

    Maybe not the most practical or fastest but way cool.
  12. Freediver

    Bikes vs Cars SBS2 10:35 tonight

    Might be interesting.
  13. Freediver

    Flats + SPD on one pedal

    I've got a pair of PD M530 pedals which I bought on recommendation from the dickwad sales guy that sold me my bike ( it's unbelievable how many mistakes one person can make on a single sale). When I bought...
  14. Freediver

    I'll never be half as good as I think I am.

    Hi all, my names Greg and I'm pretty new to "proper" MTB riding but been riding for years, mostly on roads though. Rode on dirt a lot when I was a kid on BMX's and and crappy old dragsters and figured this mountain biking stuff can't be to hard. If I could ride like the wind in my teens and...