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  1. k3n!f

    Fox Fit4 rebound needle replacement?

    I have a 2016 Fox 32 with a Fit4 damper and the rebound needle has snapped at the rebound knob attachment point. I had previously asked the LBS to replace it, but they couldn't find the part without replacing the entire Fit4 damper. As a COVID project I'm going to service the fork lowers which...
  2. k3n!f

    Frame painting... (or frame wrapping?)

    So, I'm thinking about options for a new bike but I hate the frame paint jobs. I've been wondering about buying a new bike and painting the frame. Is it really this easy? How would it differ on a carbon frame? Do you have to strip the old paint or can you just paint over it? If you strip the...
  3. k3n!f

    Thomson 27.2 silver seat post

    Item: Thomson 27.2 silver seat post Location: Melbourne, happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on the condition? Extra Info: Surely someone has one of these lying around since everyone changed to dropper posts. Happy to give it a good home on a steel commuter bike!
  4. k3n!f

    The Yeti ASR Carbon is dead. Long live the Yeti SB100.

    So, after a recent nasty accident I've spent three months off the bike recovering from spinal fractures. My Yeti ASR Carbon has had a small crack developing for several months, but it wasn't causing any trouble so I was just watching it. During my forced time off the bike, I thought I would sort...
  5. k3n!f

    MASSIVE THANK YOU Crash at Mt Buller 16th Feb *UPDATED with crash footage*

    Hi All, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the guys who walked me out of the Copperhead trail at Mt Buller on the weekend. I have been riding for 15 years and never had a serious accident until now. I managed to knock myself out and have an hour that I can't really remember, although...
  6. k3n!f

    VIC *FOUND* Track/fixie wheels

    I know it may be a long shot on a mountain bike website, but I'm building up a commuter. Item: Track/fixie wheels Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $200 +/- more depending on the wheels Extra Info: 100/120mm spacing, prefer a flip flop hub
  7. k3n!f

    Thomson Elite seat post, brand new! SOLD PLEASE DELETE

    Item: Thomson Elite seat post, 30.9 x 367mm, black, brand new! Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: Some fool (me) bought the wrong size Price and price conditions: $50 plus postage Extra Info: Comes with the bag Pictures:
  8. k3n!f

    Seat post 27.2mm black

    Item: Seat post 27.2mm, at least 330mm long, needs to be black, would like the top 18cm to be in good condition as its for my wife's bike and fashion goes before function Location: Malbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Up to $100 for the right post Extra Info: Would love a Thomson Elite or...
  9. k3n!f

    Moving house clearout! All parts $5 to $10! SOLD PLEASE DELETE

    Item: Various bits and bobs, see below Location: Canberra Item Condition: Mostly new, the saddles have been used a shit load though Reason for selling: Moving house Price and price conditions: As below, or $40 plus postage for the lot! (Pretty sure the chain is worth more than that alone)...
  10. k3n!f


    Item: XT Press Fit BB - Brand new - BBMT800P Location: Canberra Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: Came with a group set I bought online, I needed a threaded one Price and price conditions: $20 + postage Extra Info: For Shimano Hollowtech II cranks Pictures:
  11. k3n!f

    Brand new RaceFace press fit BB *SOLD*

    Item: Brand new RaceFace press fit BB for X-type/Shimano cranks Location: Canberra Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: Bought the wrong size Price and price conditions: $20 plus postage Extra Info: I bought the wrong size press fit bottom bracket, this is for a 41mm bottom...
  12. k3n!f

    New Yeti ASR Carbon Dream Bike! *Derby video post 53*

    Welcome to my Yeti ASR Carbon Dream Bike thread! I'm probably going to upload a shit load of photos and keep this as a bike diary. Recently my ASR Carbon was stolen in Canberra and the Police haven't had any luck finding it. My last ASR was an upgrade as I kept cracking the ARC hardtail...
  13. k3n!f

    Yeti Hardtail *Found one! Please delete*

    Item: Looking for a Yeti ARC, either one of the new carbon ones or an older aluminium one to build my wifey a replacement bike after hers was stolen. Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: Will pay monies. Extra Info: Size small/medium...
  14. k3n!f

    R2 Bike Anyone bought from R2 bike before? Just trying to find out if they actually subtract the 19% VAT tax from the listed prices if posting outside the EU? They say that in their FAQ. Anyone have any experience?
  15. k3n!f

    STOLEN ACT - Two Yeti bikes stolen from Barton 6/9/16

    As the title says, two Yeti's stolen from Barton in Canberra on 6/9/16. If found please contact Ken on 0438125103 or ACT police. A very generous reward will be offered for their safe return. These are my pride and joy. If you find the person that stole them please contact me, and then hold...
  16. k3n!f

    Enduro World Series Round Tasmania 2017 Holy shit! Just found this on Flow.
  17. k3n!f

    Fox 29 100mm RLC Kashima Coat 2014 *SOLD PLEASE DELETE*

    Item: Fox 29 100mm RLC Kashima Coat 2014. Location: Canberra, ACT. Item Condition: Excellent, serviced by Bike Culture regularly, ridden by 68kg XC rider. Small stone chip on left side, otherwise like new. Stock stickers were replaced with Yeti decals from
  18. k3n!f

    XC STOLEN 6/9/16 Yeti ASR Carbon Bling - 9.9kg

    Wifey: What are you going to call this bike? Me: Yolanda. Wifey: Really? Why is this one your first girl bike? Me: Because it has a squishy bum. Turns out that wasn't the right thing to say... I've been a hardtail rider since I started riding about a decade ago. Sadly my 9.1kg Yeti ARC...
  19. k3n!f

    29er Forum

    The separate 29er forum was created when they were a new exciting niche. Now they are pretty much mainstream for XC, what do people think about joining the 29er section back onto the XC section?
  20. k3n!f

    ShockWiz - Automated Suspension Tuning

    Has anyone else seen this thing? I ride a fair amount but my attitude to suspension set up (on a hardtail) has always been: 1) Set pressure for body weight 2) Put rebound in the middle of range...