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  1. harmonix1234

    Carbon Experts

    I'm looking for some engineers or professionals who work with carbon fibre. I would like to produce some moulds and get some small carbon planks built up. When I say small I mean about 70mm wide by 7mm thick by 60cm long. I would farm this task out to some chinese online carbon...
  2. harmonix1234


    So, I've been away for a few years... What have I missed? Everyone still arguing about wheel size? Is spanky-ham kickin' about? Has Moorey come out yet? Get me up to speed.
  3. harmonix1234

    TAS WTB - Selle SMP Dynamic

    Wanting to buy Item: Selle SMP Dynamic Saddle Colour: Black Price: I know these things aint' cheap, so throw a price at me. I'm a fair man Anything Else: That is all
  4. harmonix1234


    Every time I open Rotorburn now,or a new page or thread on rotroburn my antivirus goes mental. WTF?
  5. harmonix1234

    Computer wont start

    Any ideas? I have a laptop, Acer, not bad cost about $1,200 new less than a year ago. Anyway, today it just won't turn on. Nothing. Nada. I press the power button, nothing. I have tried plugging the power supply into different outlets, nothing. I have taken the battery out and...
  6. harmonix1234

    WTB - Selle SMP Dynamic

    Wanting a Selle SMP Dynamic saddle. I have a forma and drakon, but want dynamic for the hardtail. Must be good condition, no rips or tears. Willing to pay? You tell me what you want for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. harmonix1234

    If you stock it, they will come

    I was wondering what is considered to be a fair request of an LBS? I have a great LBS, but they don't stock the regular items that I like that I am regularly replacing (eg Conti GP4000s tyres, Kool Stop Salmon brake pads, Schwalbe SV15 tubes, Morgan Blue Race Oil, SRAM Power Cork Bar Tape)...
  8. harmonix1234

    That escelated quickly

    I do like the Rotorburn birthday email :) *For those not aware of my sesne of humour (or lack thereof), this is not legit.
  9. harmonix1234

    What ever happened to Spanky Ham?

    Things just aren't the same without the pig around here. It's been a while, but I miss his input to this forum. Did he become a roadie and go to weight weenies instead? Did he end up a Yakuza mob hit? Are you still there, lurking in the shadows of the trading section? Where for art thou Spanky?
  10. harmonix1234

    Near Miss this morning - An observation of perception and bias

    This morning I was on the footpath waiting for a set of lights to change. I was off the bike, waiting for the little green walk man so I could walk across. “Bing! Tock tock tock’ the little green man goes. I step out onto the road and get two steps in when this lady in a jeep Cherokee...
  11. harmonix1234

    Suspicious - Possible Stolen Focus Hardtail TAS

    OK, so I have seen this druunkard bogan with no teeth riding around on this really nice Focus Hardtail around Moonah. I think it might be a Raven Expert (Value about $5,500 AUD). I had a chat to him at the ATM the other day trying to suss it out and the guy seems to be under the impression...
  12. harmonix1234

    TAS WTB - 18 Spoke Road Hub

    Item: Shimano Ultegra / Dura Ace, or DT Swiss 18 hole front hub Condition: Working / Good. As long is its clean and damage free and the cups aren't pitted out. Willing to Pay: $30 - $100 depending on what you have. Please - No offers of Zipp or SRAM hubs, shimano or DT Swiss only.
  13. harmonix1234

    Ultegra Di2 6700 upgrade

    Anyone using it? Considering a 10spd group upgrade for roadie. Only trouble is, all I can find on the net is glowing reviews. I can't find any negative comments. Anyone use it, and if so do you have any negatives to report? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. harmonix1234

    What are the ladies riding these days?

    My wife wants a new bike. Her current bike is a single speed beach cruiser. The geraing and geo is hardly suitable for the 'up and down' terrain of Hilly Hobart, and it's certainly not agile enough for commuting along the bike track and navigating city streets. Currently looking at an...
  15. harmonix1234

    Wheel size - Let's start a fight

    Just kidding, need some nOob advice. I have a 29er SS and want to employ it for commuting duties. I want slicks / city tyres. Can I just put 700c tyrs on it (35cmaybe?) or do I have to buy 29" specific tyres. There seems to be misinformation everywhere I look. Some say 29" is the same as...
  16. harmonix1234

    TAS WANT TO BUY - Bike Trailer (Kids Chariot style)

    •Item - Want to buy one of those trailers that you cart your kids around in. •Location - I am in Tas, prefer local pickup as postage too expensive on such an item •Item condition description - Good. As long as it works. A few rips or a bit of rust fine, but nothing that's ready for the tip...
  17. harmonix1234

    Any tips on inspecting carbon?

    Before I get into I it I will say that I am taking it to the shop for a qualified mech to look at. However, does anyone have any good techniques for a home inspection? Basic diagnostics tools? I figured we should all have these skills in our bag as the world of biked becomes carbon dominated...
  18. harmonix1234

    SRAM announces COMPLETE recall - Stop use immediately! What initially began as a select recall due to performance issues on SRAM hydraulic road disc and rim brakes, has now evolved into a complete recall of all...
  19. harmonix1234

    Food/Diet Bloating

    What foods offer good carbs without making me bloated. Bread, rice, wheat, weetbix, pasta, every time I eat carbs I go up two pants sizes for about 6 hours. Gives me the shits (not literally). I wake up in the morning feeling great. Then I eat my weetbix and by lunchtime I have to undo my...
  20. harmonix1234

    SPOTTED Giant dh Comp 18" Frame Hobart area

    Suspected stolen bike spotted. May be legit, but there are always a few warning signs that I cannot ignore. Such as when you see a DH bike with a 120mm stem, flipped to give it a 20 degree rise placed on top of about 4 inches of spacer risers. Saddle length out all the way, bars rotated to some...