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  1. droenn

    ACT Pike, dropper, saddles, stem, handlebars....

    Location: Canberra Reason for selling: Raising funds for new bike... Item: Rockshox Pike - 2015ish. 29er, non-boost. PENDING Item Condition: Used Price and price conditions: $300 pp Extra Info: These forks need a service - see first picture. Was planning on getting them serviced and travel...
  2. droenn

    Trail Towns

    Ep 1 Canberra I have no idea what this is - just watching now
  3. droenn

    Sold Original Cotic Solaris

    Item: Cotic Solaris Medium Frame - steel is real and all that. Location: Canberra Item Condition: Few scratches but pretty good overall. Some paint worn away inside chain stays and a few scrapes elsewhere I've tried to highlight. General chips from stones and transport. Reason for selling: N-1...
  4. droenn

    Sold Buzzrack Towbar rack

    Item: Buzzrack "Buzzcruiser" (I think) 2 bike towball mount Location: Canberra - pickup only Item Condition: Good - its all in decent condition, bit scuffed from use but all working fine Reason for selling: No towbar at the moment, and its taking up space Price and price conditions: $200 Extra...
  5. droenn


    Item: M675, M7000 or compatible Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: less than new would be nice :) Extra Info: Just after a caliper to replace a leaking one, just needs to be working fine... ordered a set of those replacement pistons off ebay, but who knows when they'll arrive...
  6. droenn

    Sold Shimano 203mm CL rotors

    Item: Shimano 203mm Centrelock. rotors Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used, still true and have a bit of life. Reason for selling: No longer needed Price and price conditions: $30 the lot, pp Extra Info: 1 x RT81 1 x RT79 1 x 203 mm adapter
  7. droenn

    Sold Guide RS brakes

    Item: SRAM Guide RS brakes Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used, surface rubs and marks, but mechanically all good and working great. Reason for selling: Keeping consistent across my bikes, all now Shimano + mineral oil. Price and price conditions: $150 Extra Info: I actually really like...
  8. droenn


    Item: 1 x 180mm CL rotor, 1 x 180 mm 6 bolt and 1 x 160 or another 180 mm 6 bolt + adapter Location: Canberra Item Condition: Old, but fair and still have life Price and price conditions: Prefer to swap 1 for 1 at this point Extra Info: Looking to swap for different sizes / mounting options -...
  9. droenn

    Box 9 speed

    Has anyone already, or tempted to, switched across from 11 and 12 speed to the 9 speed gear from Box? The One and Two have been available for a while - now see MTDB are also stocking the Three. (There is a Four but it is 8 speed). While it looks pretty awesome and only 365 grams for 11-50t...
  10. droenn

    Sold IXS knee pads

    Item: IXS Flow Evo+ XL Knee pads SOLD Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used but present really well. No major crashes, no rips or tears or noticeable damage to the pads. Inserts are fine also. Reason for selling: On the smaller side for an XL pad - not comfortable for me. Price and price...
  11. droenn


    Item: 90mm stem Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: cheaper than a new cheapie ($40) Extra Info: For a gravel bike, 6/7° rise, 31.8 clamp etc. Preferably black.
  12. droenn

    Old school vs new school geometry / riding

    Came across this dude's channel and found this video pretty interesting in terms of how he approaches a longer reach geo and getting right over the front for.. everything (decents, climbs, cornering) I definitely do the "old school" out of habit (getting back over the rear wheel when riding...
  13. droenn

    AM Smugglin'

    This is my first build from scratch. Bit of a learning process for me, but after doing most of the upgrades on my Cotic, wanted the challenge of putting together my next bike myself (well as much as possible). Sourced a few parts from Rotorburn (frame from @r.ayres1, fork from @Litenbror), took...
  14. droenn

    when the server was down....

    .. I bought a road bike and took up cycling in lycra .. reconnected with my kids who I never knew I had .. was incredibly productive at work and am now the boss what has everyone else been up to this week?
  15. droenn

    Sold 4 Maxxis Tyres 27.5

    Item: 4 Maxxis 27.5 Tyres Location: Canberra Item Condition: All used, varying condition - see notes Reason for selling: Gone 29er Price and price conditions: $50 for the lot Extra Info: Moving on my 27.5 tyres. More info alongside pictures Pictures: Item: 2.3 Aggressor EXO TR Extra Info...
  16. droenn

    Sold 27.5 WTB Asym i35 Wheelset

    Item: 27.5 WTB Asym i35 Wheelset, non-boost (100x15 and 142x12), XD freehub Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used but good - few scratches but no dings or dents Reason for selling: Gone 29er Price and price conditions: $270 Extra Info: They've been a bombproof wheelset - on Novatec hubs. 35...
  17. droenn

    Sold RockShox Pike RCT3

    Item: RockShox Pike RCT3, 27.5, 15 x 100, 160 mm Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used but working great Reason for selling: Going 29er Price and price conditions: $400 Extra Info: 2016 fork. No scratches on stanchions. Under bridge has usual rock scratches, unfortunately got some cable rub...
  18. droenn

    ACT Found

    Item: GXP 68/73mm external bottom bracket Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: A new SRAM one is $60, so cheaper than that for a basic BB. Extra Info: After something in fairly good condition, would also consider a Hope one that I can convert using their GXP adapter.
  19. droenn

    ACT Found

    Item: 50mm stem Location: Canberra Price range/Willing to Pay: cheaper than a new one (~ $50-70?) Extra Info: 35mm bar clamp needed, black or metallic colour preferred. Have a black Kona one I can swap (I think its 35-40mm) too.
  20. droenn

    Sold Kona Process 153 DL frame

    Item: 2016 Kona Process 153 DL Frame (Large, 27.5) Location: Canberra Item Condition: Used, overall good. Heel rub on the crankside chainstay, some other rubs inside rear triangle. Few scratches around the place - its a Process after all and was made to be ridden through almost anything. Reason...