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    QLD FOUND 32h 135mm QR Rear hub

    Item: Looking for a QR Rear hub. Either 6 bolt or centrelock is fine and will need to accomodate a 9 speed cassette. Ideally I would love a XTR m965 or M975 but beggers can't be too picky Location: Townsville but will cover postage Price: Would like to spend less than 120 inclusive of postage.
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    QLD FOUND Quality 26" rear wheel

    Item: looking for a decent 26" wheel. Mavic, Shimano XT, XTR, DT Swiss etc. Must be 135mm QR, prefer centrelock hub. Location: Townsville, will cover postage Price range/Willing to Pay: Looking to spend less than 250 all inclusive of postage Anything from lightweight to something a little...
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    WTB Fox D.O.S.S dropper seatpost 31.6

    Item: Hi everyone looking for an old Fox DOSS seatpost. Going on a Foes FXR frame which I'm trying to keep somewhat period correct. Will need to be 31.6mm Must have the dual lever and be in good usable condition. Location: Townsville but will pay postage if necessary Price: ballpark figure...
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    QLD FOUND 26" 130-150mm fork

    Item: Hi all, looking for a fork to suit a Foes build. Must be... 26" Straight Steerer at least 190mm QR or 15x100 Thru Axle 130mm-160mm travel Location: Townsville but will pay postage Price: Reflective of fork and condition, hopefully less than $300
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    QLD FOUND single pivot Mid School 26" 5" full suspension frame

    Hi Guys, WTB the following Item: 2000-2012 26er ~5" travel frame. Looking for: Orange five, Sub5, (pre 2005) patriot Maverick ML8 ML7/5 Foes FXR Ellsworth Joker Mountain Cycle Fury Cannondale Prophet Whyte 46 Location: Townsville (but willing to pay postage) Price range/Willing to Pay: Less...
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    FSA XC-300 freehub body

    Hi The freehub body on a set of FSA XC-300 wheels (circa 2007) has some play in it. The freehub body looks like this I can't seem to find a match for it online, the outtie spline on it has 9 splines, whereas all the similar looking ones i can find online have 10. Has...
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    Shimano Dual Control M975 or M775 & M960 rapid rise mech

    Item: WTB ideally Shimano XTR m975 hydraulic dual control levers or XT m975. Also looking for an XTR m960 rapid rise rear derailleur Location: Brisbane but will pay for interstate postage Price range/Willing to Pay: less than 200 for the brake/shifter units less than 100 for the rear...
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    XTR M965 caliper seals

    Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the rubber piston seals in an XTR M965 caliper? My rear has started leaking, basically rendering it useless and I think the front is starting to go too. From my googling it appears they were never meant to be a serviceable item so there are no official...
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    XTR M960-m975 caliper or dual control set

    Item: Shimano M960-M975 rear caliper Location: Brisbane (willing to pay shipping) Extra Info: It's only the rear caliper that has started leaking but If you have a dual control shifter/caliper set I might be interested as well. Cheers
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    2000-20007ish full Suspension XC frame

    Item: Looking for a early to mid 2000's full suspension XC race oriented frame, essentially the last of the 'classically styled' 26" aluminium and scandium frames before the world went nuts over carbon fibre suggestions include Ventana el Saltamontes Rocky Mountain Element Turner...
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    Obscure XTR parts

    Does anyone know of anywhere who might have replacement parts for an XTR M960 shifter/brake lever? I knocked the top cover off when I had a bit of an off the other day and locating someone who might have a stock of comparatively old XTR bits and pieces is proving difficult. For the record its...
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    XTR M960 series shifter part #Y6GR98060

    Hi all Had a bit of an off today and in the process knocked the top cover off my XTR M960 left hand shifter/brake lever (the bit with XTR written on it and protects the internals of the shifter). Half an hour of fruitless searching on my hands and knees on the side of the trail came up with...
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    [BRIS] XTR M960 Front Derailleur

    Item: Shimano XTR M960 Front derailleur, or something similar, its just the rest of the group is M960 Location: Brisbane, happy to cover the cost of interstate postage Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than $50? Extra Info: will need to be 31.8mm clamp and bottom pull Cheers
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    GT Avalanche build

    This is my GT Avalanche I put it together when I first got into mountain biking a few years ago. At the time I wasn't really sure whether I'd enjoy it enough to warrant the expense of something flash so it was built up with whatever I had lying around/could get for cheap. Even the frame...
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    26" Wheelset Crank Brothers/Crossmax/XTR

    Item: 26" disc Wheelset. Ideally Crank brothers cobalt/iodine but would also be interested in Mavic Crossmax/Crosstrail, XTR M965/M975, Spinergy Xyclone... Essentially something with a bit of bling but a few years out of date. Tubeless preferred and in ridable condition. Location: I'm in...
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    GT rider, Brisbane

    Hey guys I've been mountain biking irregularly for a few years now (generally stuck to my road bikes) but this has ramped up considerably in the past few months so I thought I better join up and say hello I ride a '94 GT Avalanche that I built up from a frame I got for a song with a...