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  1. rowdyflat

    Tubeless is great but is there a primer for rubber patches ?

    Some wheels just require tubes. Often wondered as I endlessly sand the rubber prior to a patch , is there a primer to slightly etch rubber rather than use sandpaper?
  2. rowdyflat

    How do you push in pivot bearings ?

    So my hack worked and I got the bearings out. The new bearings arrived and I have been tapping them into the yoke but it is tricky to get them in square especially as the SC yoke is quite assymetrical . I have greased them then used a socket which sits on the outer race and use a hammer . I have...
  3. rowdyflat

    Cotic soul 26 ins frame is this worth it ?

    I dont usually ask these sort of questions but am in a quandry. I am sure to get some interesting answers. So does anyone think is worth > $600 , it is steel and has a tapered head tube , is 135...
  4. rowdyflat

    Tight New Disc brake pads

    I know it should nt be but are new cheaper pads[ probably from China] slightly too thick when new and drag on the rotor for the first bit until they wear down ? I know about sideways caliper adjustment and the level of fluid in the system but even with the pistons pushed back it happens a lot ...
  5. rowdyflat

    A Hack for removing bearings.

    You might know this but its new to me . I was redoing my wifes SC 5010 pivots and thought I would need a special tool to get out the bearings which are wobbly . The tools made in England looked like something familiar with the expanding collar so I looked on youtube . Turns out a dynabolt /...
  6. rowdyflat

    Shifters wearing out ?

    When a Shimano 2 way release {rear derailleur right } shifter wears and the little shifter arm wont change to a higher gear with your index finger clicking towards you but changes when you push away the little shifter with your thumb, is that because some catch inside is worn out ? Hope I have...
  7. rowdyflat

    Rear shock leaking from the valve stem

    Never had this roblem before . does anyone know whether Fox and Rockshox use the same size valve to put air in the shock it seems the same ? It is leaking air where the stem screws into the shock body , I have used an old o ring but it is still leaking . its a very small o ring does it come in...
  8. rowdyflat

    Can a controller be used for similar types of motors ?

    I am changing from a 250w x36V 5:1 geared hub motor bought as part of a kit to a Bafang 310 motor which is 250w x36v but 11:1 gearing . So similar motors but the 11:1 has more torque to get up steeper hills ie our driveway gets to 17%. It seems to work with the battery and controller but just...
  9. rowdyflat

    VIC 26 ins mtbike VTT about 580 mm disc frame

    Wanted solid frame steel or alloy for ebike commuter about 580 mm top tube . Just needs to take disc brakes and 26 ins wheels . If mtbike could be lightweight hardtail or dually with lots of room in the triangle for a battery 100 x 350mm . Location Where ever ,postage or courier not a problem...
  10. rowdyflat

    VIC FOUND 26 inch rim 36 holes

    Item: For a rear ebike hub motor so strong is good Location:NE Vic, whatever happy to pay postage Item Condition:Needs to be reasonably good and true prefer black or silver. I have shitty old worn rim brake ones but dont trust them . Price and price conditions: whatever Extra Info: good if...
  11. rowdyflat

    A Clever hack I had not seen before.

    We were riding the Cascade trail on the weekend and one of our riders suffered a broken rear derailleur cable towards the end ,leaving her stuck in the default highest gear. Someone came along , pulled out a short piece of the top end of a cable with the " nub " that fits into the shifter . He...
  12. rowdyflat

    Freehub advice

    So I had an American Classic wheel freehub go . The alloy rachet teeth are chipped , the pawls seem OK . Anyone know how freehubs usually fail? Is it the softest material goes first or the springs ?
  13. rowdyflat

    Hard Shell Elbow pad suggestions ?

    Recently broke the tip of my elbow when a chainring hit a log and threw me due to a lack of track maintenance fuckwittery [ thanks Yack sheep.] I had soft ones G form ones on ,which obviously wasnt enough due to the point load. Thinking a bit of hard shell on the point of the elbow so I can...
  14. rowdyflat

    New riding group or get an ebike ?

    So 66yo old , mtbiking since 1990, way past my prime in all respects . Our mtbiking group is male and female 40-66 yo, a few have ebikes , I can keep up but am like a zombie afterwards . Before 60 yo I felt as strong as at 30 yo but male menopause has set in. Reached a fork in my life , recently...
  15. rowdyflat

    FOUND Left hand Shimano Hollowtech style crank 175 mm

    Thanks wkkie
  16. rowdyflat

    using 140mm rotors

    My new e bike conversion has to use a 140mm rear disc due to the wide hub motor to not rub in the frame . Can I just use any old hydro rear brake with the appropriate adapter , I have a spare Shimano XT ?
  17. rowdyflat

    Formula brake piston question

    My wife informed me that her brakes were worn. Both bad one pad down to metal no pad left so the brake piston was way out and as I pushed it back in with a lever , some brake fluid leaked out. Is that normal if it gets pushed out beyond the seal ? It doesnt seem to continue to leak when I...
  18. rowdyflat

    XD driver

    So wondering, the XD driver freehub means you can only use SRAM compatible cassettes which are distinguished by what exactly ? Looks like the splines are only on the big gear end ? Prolly been done before but did a search? problem arises cause I have Shimano everything but the wheel I would like...
  19. rowdyflat

    Rear Tyre rubbing on front derailleur

    Yes I know get rid of the front derailleur. I want a front derailleur and triple rings so I can use the hardtail for more than mtbiking. Its a Chameleon thanks to someone on here, with a 2.4 back tyre that just rubs on the front derailleur in the granny. If I use the limit screw it wont go into...
  20. rowdyflat

    Spank Oozy Trail 345 V Halo Vapour 35

    Anyone who has tried these I would like your opinion . I need to replace a rim that my wife bent, its a Stans crest which is narrow +find impossible to put some tubeless on = it is too tight . yes i know about lubes/soap+ that Moorey likes Stans + how to put on tyres thanks. Would you say that...