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  1. Boom King

    170mm DebonAir C1 air spring shaft for Lyrik A1+ FOUND

    Item: 170mm DebonAir C1 air spring shaft for Lyrik A1+ Location: Anywhere if post works Item Condition: Working Price and price conditions: Less than $65 which is the new price
  2. Boom King

    I have a problem...

    Just started this for a friend who recently bought yet another single pivot bicycle. A very pretty one at that. Sent from my SM-G960N using Tapatalk
  3. Boom King

    What's better than one derailleur? Three rotating derailleurs of course.....

    Absolute genius! Sent from my SM-G960N using Tapatalk
  4. Boom King

    One man's trash is another man's (DeB)loot, or how I managed N+2.

    A few months ago I hatched a plan to build the Boom Queen a bike for Christmas. She was always complaining that her bike was crappy compared to mine and the kids. So when @DeBloot popped his Liteville 301 MK10 up for sale (their relationship had soured a while back after a nasty break up), I had...
  5. Boom King

    Boom Queen's Christmas Orange.

    Most bits are ready for Santa to build this up. Still needing discs, grips and probably an 11sp shifter and derailleur. Not sure I can MacGyver a work around on @wkkie 's Microshift donation. Starting to take shape 3/12/19... Ready for Santa to deliver... Frame - 2012 Orange Five, Medium...
  6. Boom King

    2019 Enduro Nationals, who's going?

    With a bit over a week to go before racing in Maydena, I'm getting more moist by the hour. Who else is heading down?
  7. Boom King

    New Enduro fork... I want one!

    Manitou have a new beefy 180mm fork... Yes please.
  8. Boom King

    Longer, slacker, full suspension.......

    Pinarello with some fresh thinking for the rough stuff.
  9. Boom King

    Zipp 3Zero Moto rims

    Forgive my cynicism, but aren't these just Bouwmeester rims with different decals?
  10. Boom King

    Roadside Roadie

    Back before I discovered MTB, I used to ride road, around 150km per week. Work commitments stopped me riding in the mornings and that was that, until my son asked me (about 5 years ago) if we could go mountain biking, which we did. I was hooked immediately and began the never ending cycle of...
  11. Boom King

    FOUND 1.75mm cassette spacer

    Item: 1.75mm cassette spacer Location: Anywhere Item Condition: useable Price and price conditions: Cheap Extra Info: Need a spacer to fit a 9 speed cassette onto a Mavic hub. Google suggests 1.75mm was standard but I'm sure I can make do with slightly wider if need be. Pictures:
  12. Boom King

    Who's got the look?

    I love gold Renthal bars, have them on the entire fleet, but the purchase of a silver stem I didn't need created an itch. So, what's your preference regarding the two cockpits below? Answers on a postcard please....
  13. Boom King

    FOUND 350 x 3.0+ spring for Fox shock

    Item: 350 x 3.0+ spring for Fox RC4 Location: Anywhere Item Condition: Springy Reason for buying: Too fat for current spring Price and price conditions: Cheap Extra Info: Happy to swap a 325 x 3.5 or have a few other springs for shorter strokes. Need at least 3" stroke but can take more as long...
  14. Boom King

    VIC SOLD Rockshox Pike RCT3 160mm, 27.5, 100 x 15

    Item: Rockshox Pike RCT3 160mm, 27.5, 100 x 15. Location: Melbourne. Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: I'm a Mattoc man. Price and price conditions: $450 ono. Extra Info: Came on the Spitfire I recently bought. Steerer at 177mm. Lowers service with seals around a year ago and...
  15. Boom King

    This must be what a much younger woman feels like...

    Frame - 2015 Banshee Spitfire, medium Rear shock - Cane Creek DB Inline Front shock/fork - Manitou Mattoc Expert with IRT Handlebars - Renthal Fatbars 760 mm Stem - Thomson Elite X4 50 mm Headset - It’s in there Grips - Ergon GA2 Saddle - Ergon SMC4 Seatpost - KS LEV Integra 125 mm drop Remote...
  16. Boom King

    How to hack an XTR front shifter into a nifty dropper remote.

    1) Take out the cable installation plug and unscrew all screws on the base plate. 2) Remove the mounting bracket screw and barrel adjuster. 3) You need to remove the spring and pawl indicated. 4) To do this, remove the circlip on top of the post and pry up the top plate to remove...
  17. Boom King

    OK. FOUND. 183mm PM to PM front brake adapter.

    Item: 183mm PM to PM front brake adapter. Location:Anywhere Item Condition:Good Price and price conditions:Less than new. Extra Info:Something like a Hope H adapter is what I'm looking for. Pictures:
  18. Boom King

    Sold SOLD Renthal Duo stem, 50mm

    Item: Renthal Duo stem Location:Melbourne Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Not required Price and price conditions:$75 ono Extra Info:50mm, 10° rise, 31.8mm bars, 1 1/8" steerer. A couple of scratches behind the steerer clamp as pictured. Black sharpie would sort that in a jiffy...
  19. Boom King

    XTR M9000 front shifter FOUND

    Item: XTR M9000 front shifter Location: Anywhere Item Condition: Very good Reason for buying: To hack into a dropper remote Price and price conditions: Really, who uses these anymore anyway? Extra Info: Bar mount. Pictures: Send them through.
  20. Boom King

    VIC SOLD E13 TRS+ 27.5 wheelset

    Item: E13 TRS+ 27.5 wheelset, 142 x 12, 15 x 100 Location:Melbourne Item Condition:Good Reason for selling:Surplus to requirements Price and price conditions:$350 ono Extra Info:Shimano freehub, 60 POE, wide flanges, 24mm internal width, no dings, some minor scratches. Complete with tubeless...