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  1. ya_frizz

    VIC WTB Boxxer Crown (lower)

    Bump Bump please!
  2. ya_frizz

    VIC WTB Boxxer Crown (lower)

    WTB: Boxxer Crown (lower and 35mm) Price: Name your price Location: Anywhere Colour: White preferably Steerer length: Needs to be more than 15cm Whiling to swap + cash (mine is 14.4cm) Call on 0418397242
  3. ya_frizz

    honda prelude v subaru rs

    thanks for that guys, and yes to clarify it was the non turbo rs. from all that info seems like the rs is winning in most aspects! and yes it was the four wheel prelude which i was actually wondering about. thanks!
  4. ya_frizz

    honda prelude v subaru rs

    hey guys, i'm in the business of buying a car and i'm tossing up between a 1997 prelude or a 2003 subaru rs, just wondering if i could get some help. I was wondering which one is more powerful and which one you would buy and why? thanks alot!
  5. ya_frizz

    VSS Round 1 (Few of my favourites)

    ey mate #295 black n white fox jersy n shorts red / white kona stab deluxe thanks alot
  6. ya_frizz

    Yackandandah Pics

    hey mate rider # 295 07 kona stab deluxe, blue helmet, jersey and pants is fox red/black/white, it's pretty out there you can't miss it. to... thanks alot
  7. ya_frizz

    Step Up

    it's very easy... aslong as you land the step down before it nicely and come out with speed, peddle a bit after it you've got it
  8. ya_frizz

    Mt Beauty Race Day Pics

    hey mate number 607 black / white fox jersy n shorts, blue 661 helmet, 661 knee pads red 07 kona stab deluxe u19s cheers
  9. ya_frizz

    Big hill round six race/Q. pics Photobucket link up

    hey mat 607 black fox jersey 07 kona stab red / white email to thanks
  10. ya_frizz

    you yangs vss round 5 pics

    hey mate plate 607 black fox jersy and shorts blue 661 helmet red / white kona stab cheers
  11. ya_frizz

    You Yangs Ride Day Sunday the 8th

    do u reckon you could still send it?
  12. ya_frizz

    You Yangs Ride Day Sunday the 8th

    hey mat i think i remember you in that spot i didn't have a plate on they ahd no 9s riding a stab with blak jersy cheers
  13. ya_frizz

    Long Gully VSS Round 1 - photo's

    hey mate Race Plate: 607 Bike: 07 stab deluxe (red, white and black) Sat Clothing: Black and white fox jersy n shorts, blue helmet, white shinpads Sun Clothing: Black and white fox jersy n shorts, blue helmet, white shinpads Email Address: thanks alot!
  14. ya_frizz

    State Series Snaps

    607, black and white fox jersy and shorts, white shin pads, blue helmet, 07 stav deluxe thanks alot mate
  15. ya_frizz

    VVS Round 1 - Long Gully Pics. UPDATED.

    hey 607, 07 kona stab deluxe, black and white fox jersy and shorts white shin pads and a blue helmet thanks alot
  16. ya_frizz

    Cheap Downhill bike!!! SOLD!

    ur sale pm sent thanks marcus
  17. ya_frizz

    kona vs

    its not the bike its the rider, a great rider can make any bike go and go well
  18. ya_frizz

    kona vs

    i own a kona, it is very smooth and reliable, rails berms awsome and the most important bit it can take a beating:D
  19. ya_frizz

    09 norco bikes

    woah the dh looks discgusting, empire is ok but still really really bad wot where they thinking?