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  1. ya_frizz

    VIC WTB Boxxer Crown (lower)

    WTB: Boxxer Crown (lower and 35mm) Price: Name your price Location: Anywhere Colour: White preferably Steerer length: Needs to be more than 15cm Whiling to swap + cash (mine is 14.4cm) Call on 0418397242
  2. ya_frizz

    honda prelude v subaru rs

    hey guys, i'm in the business of buying a car and i'm tossing up between a 1997 prelude or a 2003 subaru rs, just wondering if i could get some help. I was wondering which one is more powerful and which one you would buy and why? thanks alot!
  3. ya_frizz

    new gouverner general???

    hey there ive got a legal sac soon and aparently its got sokme questions on the new governour general, i was wondering if you guys could give me any info? becuase all i've heard about it is that its a women thanks alot
  4. ya_frizz

    Fork and frame geo help

    hi there i was just wondering weather 07 pike 409 u turns are suitable for a norco manik, or will it stuff up the geo to much and will there be not enough angle in the frame?? cheers marcus
  5. ya_frizz

    Norco V Kona

    hey here is my modyfied kona stab and norco Manik specs: Frame: 07 stab deluxe fork: 888 RC2X Shock:Fox Vanilla R Head set: TH Crank: FSA MOTO X BBB: FSA pedals: KONA Chain guide: e13 Bashy: e13 Shifter: deore Hangers: kona Stem: Da bomb Combat (not in photo) Grips: Kona lock...
  6. ya_frizz

    06 888 RCX2 advise

    hey guys ive got 888 RCX2 fork and i'm trying to change the rebound and compression with the top knobs and from what i can tell nothing is happening. am i doing anything wrong or are my forks bust?? cheers, marcus
  7. ya_frizz

    your favourite rubbers

    hi guys i was just wondering what tires you guys run for your DH rig and what tires are best suited for surtain conditions and why? im going to get a couple of sets for chrissy so just wondering which ones i should get thanks alot marcus
  8. ya_frizz

    long gully results

    from an awsome weekend of riding up at long gully the results are now up:D thanks to all the orgonises, it was much apreciated marcus
  9. ya_frizz

    long gully sunday

    i got a few shots mainly of the road drop and that b line a couple arn't very good but i thought i would put them up any way enjoy, has anyone got any tips? camer - digimax s500 marcus
  10. ya_frizz

    barjarg race day photos

    hi all, these where some of the photos i took while waiting for my event to start. hope you like
  11. ya_frizz

    body armour?

    hi i just bought some new 661 body armour / presuir suit for the state series ready for barjarg, i think it might be a little big, the shoulder and elbow plates don't adzactly sit properly does it matter all that much? do most guys where body armour? was it worth the money? i paid 200 for it...
  12. ya_frizz

    glory or 223

    giant glory or orange 223. hi all i was wanting your opinions on these two bikes? im into DH and im wanting to buy one of these frames and build it up. i want a frame that is strong and versitile and feels good to ride. what's your opinion? thanks marcus
  13. ya_frizz


    I've been wanting to go to the C7 jumps in eltham for ages but I don't know where they are. does anyone have any idea where they are and if so can i have directions from main rd Eltham? or maybe a st name near C7? thanks alot
  14. ya_frizz


    hi all i was thinking about going up to barjarg for round two of the state series. I heard it was an awsome track, i was just wondering what you guys thought of it and what the track is like? thanks alot.
  15. ya_frizz

    what DH bike?

    hey i was looking for a new DH bike proberly second hand and most likly only buying the frame and building it up after a while i was thinking about a second hand giant glory frame or maybe a kona stab what do you guys think n have u got any sujestions? n wot r u guys riding? thanks What...
  16. ya_frizz

    Aurthor Seat/red hill DH track?

    Hey does anyone know where the Aurther seat DH track is it might be in red hill in vic. please post directions thanx
  17. ya_frizz

    Hursty DH trak

    hey can anyone give directions to the Hurstbridge DH track all i no is its kinda near the station, please help, oh n also where are the DJ's? thanx
  18. ya_frizz

    Mt Beauty

    when there isn't any races on, is there like buses runing up and down the mountain or do you have to push all the way back up
  19. ya_frizz

    DH tracks

    Ey does any one know of any sweet down hill tracks in melbourne? could you post up directions to
  20. ya_frizz

    MTB Clubs

    i'm looking to get into club MTBing. Does any one know of any MTB clubs in the melbourne area?