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  1. chimmo18

    Train Accident in Ringwood/heatherdale

    i heard that a person was hit while crossing the train tracks, it was believed that it was suicide.
  2. chimmo18

    .:Orange MsIsle Polish Complete:.

    looks good as built up jake;)
  3. chimmo18

    .:Orange MsIsle Polish Complete:.

    that looks nice jake it looks so much better
  4. chimmo18


    sold!!!! please delete
  5. chimmo18

    Cannondale Chase

    awsome bike grant, love the bike it is pimped
  6. chimmo18


    sold........ pending payment
  7. chimmo18


    price drop to $750 need it gone asap
  8. chimmo18


    another price drop another price drop $850. my friend needs this gone quick
  9. chimmo18


    come on guys this is very cheap bump.....
  10. chimmo18


    price drop price drop to $900, this is a cheap buy
  11. chimmo18

    Ironhorse...Woff Style!!! *Updated*

    another awsome bike and lovin' the new frame woff
  12. chimmo18

    My Glorious Giant AGAIN

    awsome upgrades jake! looks heaps better ;)
  13. chimmo18


    sorry not spliting
  14. chimmo18


    this is a great bike for a cheap price bump....
  15. chimmo18


    bump.... this bike has to go
  16. chimmo18


    Item: 05 Mongoose Hardluck Location: North Ringwood, Victoria Local sale Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: need money Price and price conditions: was $850 now $750 Extra Info: Size is an XS around 14" Pictures: pm if interested Fork: 06 marzocchi 66vf Front Brake: Avid...
  17. chimmo18

    Pimed Atomik (08)

    another awsome bike james, upgrades make it heaps better :D
  18. chimmo18

    Sin City Helmet - OMG!!

    That is the best helmet i have ever seen, just a work of art.
  19. chimmo18

    VID on Page 3!..So..which one of you kiddies wants to see some NOTshore

    haha nice work matty posting the not shore up
  20. chimmo18

    My Cowan just got Pimped

    that is one of the nicest cowans i have ever seen :D