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  1. gillyske

    VIC WTB: 50mm 35 Stem

    Item: Any 50mm long 35 stem Location: SE subrubs or meet at a trail carpark Price range/Willing to Pay: $30 Extra Info: Really just hoping for a super generic stem to try out the stem length on my bike, will take a 60mm too.
  2. gillyske

    Knocking in fork

    Marz z1 2021 160mm So I can feel and hear a knocking in my fork where the stanchions sit in the lowers. Definitely not my headset or fork Axel. Is this where the bushings are? Is this a warranty thing or a service thing or is it normal. First time I've felt this in a fork.
  3. gillyske

    Bomber Z1 coil upgrade thoughts

    Wondering if anyone has converted their fork to coil and what their thoughts are on the change long term with time to reflect. The Z1 looks like it can take either the smashpot or the z1 coil with the push ACS not being compatible. Anyone had experiences with z1 coil v smashpot? Is the...
  4. gillyske

    Lets talk Gloves.

    Hasn't been a glove recommendation thread since 2017 so I figured I'd start another one since theres been numerous new brands and models. First gloves I used were size L fox digits, which I loved, so comfortable but atop my clumsy hands disentergrated quickly. Currently using a size L FOX...
  5. gillyske

    Bafang mid drive conversion kits

    Has anyone here had exerpience with these kits for trail use? Mainly have questions about durability. How would they handle jumps, drops, repeated rock gardens or even the dreaded bb smash? I'm thinking about converting my Vitus Sommet as I have seen 1 done on another forum and wouldn't mind...
  6. gillyske

    Recommend me a pedal thats better than a Vault

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a suggestion on a pedal thats better than a dmr vault. Criteria for being better would be: More grip, larger platform (mainly this), thinner and lighter. Don't get me wrong, I like the vaults and have used them pretty much exclusively but I'm pedal curious...
  7. gillyske

    Manitou woes from a novice rider

    So upfront, I don't service my own forks. I don't wanna deal with oil disposal etc. So I have a Manitou Mattoc Pro 2 in which the dampener has basically just stopped working at all after a service. Story goes like this. A while back I took my bike to get serviced before a weekend to Bright. The...
  8. gillyske

    Anyone ridden Forrest in Vic?

    Hi guys, looking to head up to Forrest to do some riding. Never been there before but is there enough there to justify a 2hr drive? We've all got enduro style bikes so we can pedal uphil if needed, but we're all pretty descent orientated. Can anyone recommend any tracks or a circuit to do? Thanks.
  9. gillyske

    Sold SOLD - Vitus Sommet 2017 - Large

    Item: 2017 Vitus Sommet LARGE Fork: 160mm Mattoc Pro 2 Shock: RS Monach Plus R (155mm travel) Brakes: Shimano M615 with XT finned pads (can swap to SRAM guide T on request but you have to wait for my new bike to come). Pictured are Guide RE but I wanna put them on my new bike. Rotors: RT-86 XT...
  10. gillyske

    What are my options besides commencal?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase from a complete bike manufacturer who only uses aluminium to manufacture their frames, so no carbon top end models or the like in their model range. I'm looking more towards the commencal clash...
  11. gillyske

    Where to MTB in winter??

    Hi guys, Was wondering where people would go if they wanted to spend 3-5 days riding somewhere late July and were willing to drive up to 24 hours (From Melbourne). Riding would be preferably gravity based, any place that has shuttles or a lift would be a winner. Mates and I were willing to...
  12. gillyske

    26" Fork question/recommendations

    Hello guys. Got into riding about 6 months ago so be gentle. I purchased 2005 Banshee Scirocco with a (2005?) Fox Float RLC 130mm fork for my first bike on the recommendation of a friend. The previous owner of the bike put a spacer inside of it to reduce the travel to 100mm as he used it...