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  1. itsajoke

    EWS 2021 fantasy league

    What’s the wooden spoon prize worth? sinister laughing
  2. itsajoke

    Changing 'status' under name

    If you’re referring to “what is a yous?”, that piece of comedy gold was about Wollongong locals killing snakes, 4 wheel driving wherever they wanted, and an unfortunate young lady leaping to their defence. You must have asked her at least four times.
  3. itsajoke

    Derby in Tassi

    Weren’t there over summer either. On a previous trip their EFTPOS wasn’t working when I got a coffee off them. The bloke was happy for me to come back to fix it up later. After that I went back every chance I got.
  4. itsajoke

    Derby in Tassi

    Word around the camping ground fire pit is that the lines are usually full of stale beer, such is the low amount of turn-over in there. 20K may be the figure for the tax man.
  5. itsajoke

    Derby in Tassi

    Some of the original locals still go there, sometimes daily. I have had my ”one beer” experience while my cousin hung back near the door ready to leave when the generalised attacks became more focused. It all adds to the Derby experience. Out of interest I have heard rumours of offers on the...
  6. itsajoke

    Online retailers trusted/scammers

    Hey Suzanne, any local stores to have a look at your stock? Always keen to check out local produce if it’s available.
  7. itsajoke

    OneUp Components EDC Every Day Carry tool review

    Four or five trips from NQ to Tassie and back since I have installed it, the last one with a Single Trail Rack (vertically mounted bikes). Haven’t lost anything off a bike yet @PJO I am keen to see their V2 tool. It is meant to be a better fit but that should not be at the expense of securing...
  8. itsajoke

    There's going to be more than one..

    @The Reverend how did you size the chain?
  9. itsajoke

    Marino Bike Co rigs.

    You did tell me that you were looking at getting something else. Maybe the bike heard you? Got a video to post up with the last failure? Edit: just saw your video (insert shocked face)
  10. itsajoke

    My wax based lube recipe

    I use XTR 12 but XT 12 or Ultegra 11 if the top tier are not available. The external coatings to resist corrosion are the main driver, not the weight savings gained by using hollow pins.
  11. itsajoke

    NSW WTB: 27.5 boost wheelset

    PM inbound.
  12. itsajoke

    My wax based lube recipe

    I’m on board the Silca program now. Got two chains done in the bag so far, next move is to put the wax in the sonic cleaner. Nice rabbit hole to fall into.
  13. itsajoke

    Thredbo - all you need to know

    Outstanding @T-Rex thanks for your help.
  14. itsajoke

    160mm Fork help

    You won’t regret it mate, my Lyrik Über Düber may have a short future with all of this talk of Onyx.
  15. itsajoke

    Anyone got a DT Swiss 240/350 Microspline Rear Boost Hub? Please read... post 1038 shows the difference in size of the flange.
  16. itsajoke

    Thredbo - all you need to know

    If you know Thredbo well this is to you: I will be staying for two nights in late December with wife and daughter just before Christmas. My plan is to get in mid morning and park/store gear/ride until check in, then ride the rest of the day. Full day riding the next day, a few runs the third day...
  17. itsajoke

    Anyone got a DT Swiss 240/350 Microspline Rear Boost Hub? Please read...

    Older DT hubs are not compatible with the MicroSpline freehubs. My 2016 240s wouldn’t go with the driver so I just got the latest 240. There is a thread on MTBR in the Roval wheels area. It features a rider that machined the new freehub to fit an older hub. Not advisable.
  18. itsajoke

    160mm Fork help

    DVO for me, however my Lyrik Über Düber is pretty sweet. Select model with Smashpot and a redundant RCT3 damper upgrade. I preferred my Helm coil to the Über Düber. If you want want a sweet deal buy the new Onyx and I’ll swap ya’ ;-)
  19. itsajoke

    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    It is @moorey 760 will be comfortable but too much analysis goes into it. The height your bars pass through will differ to others and the sides are not right angles. My approach is always to assess from the top then from below, but I found the run out harder than the gap. A couple of loose...
  20. itsajoke

    2021 Trans Tasmania Enduro

    I see you compensated for your narrow bars by spreading your elbows out @ozzybmx ,same as I did. At least you had elbow pads on.