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    VIC used etnies BS sz45

    Item: brandon semenuk etnies sz 45, which is there 11 Location:vic Item Condition: used, soles hood, 1 sml nark on rubber Reason for selling: after 5/10 sleuth arrived to partner my ion raid i won’t use these Price and price conditions: 25 incl post, if u want the box add 5 Extra Info:i’ll wash...
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    30.9 to 31.6 seatpost shim

    Item: 30.9-31.6 seatpost shim Location: nowhere special Price range/Willing to Pay: 20 Extra Info:tried the Al can trick, we obviously have shite cans here in vic as it was too skinny and seatpost slid down
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    36t sram dm chainring

    Item: sram 36t dm ring Location: best state in the country Price range/Willing to Pay: depends steel.alloy Extra Info: prefer non boost but am not fussy
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    VIC cane creek headset 42/52

    Item: cane creek headset IS42 top 52 bottom Location:vic Item Condition:new Reason for selling: have 2 new of wrong size Price and price conditions:50 Extra Info: Pictures:maybe later
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    VIC 34.9 seatpost clamp & zs44 upper headset

    Item: 34.9 seatclamp and zs44 upper headset Location: vic Price range/Willing to Pay: 20+ Extra Info: will take complete headset if zs56 lower and don’t want to split
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    VIC 20x110 non boost front wheel or 36h 27.5 rim

    Item: either a 27.5 20x110 wheel non-boost or 27.5 36h rim, prefer tubeless Location: dan’s den Price range/Willing to Pay: 100+ Extra Info: have a 20mm 36h hub but having trouble finding a reasonably priced rim to go with
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    VIC sold x 32 air shaft 120-130mm for 27.5

    sold Item: fox 32 air spring, either 120 or 130mm Location: vic Price range/Willing to Pay: 50 Extra Info: 27.5, though i think the 26“ are the same
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    VIC 15mm end caps roval

    Item: 15mm end caps for a roval wheel Location: Price range/Willing to Pay: 50 Extra Info:see pic, bloody wide
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    VIC hard tail frame 27.5 non boost long travel Large

    Item: hard tail frame, 27.2 non-boost, long travel Large, might fit sml XL Location: dmz Price range/Willing to Pay: 400 ish Extra Info:something like dartmor]or hornet, one of nw alloy frames, 27.5+ would b fine
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    VIC Sold Turner 5 Spot, bike or frame only option

    sold Turner 5 spot Large (med/l today) 2013 140mm travel Location:Vic Item Condition: used Reason for selling: tad 2 sml for me, boy doesn’t ride (who i bought it for) Price and price conditions: 400 frame, 1000 everything, 700 bike -fork (i hope prices are right) Extra Info: fork RS pike dual...
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    VIC SOLD X-fusion vengeance coil

    Item: sold x-fusion vengeance coil Location: dmz Price range/Willing to Pay: 250 seems to b going rate? Extra Info:prefer 160, but i’ll happily buy a soft 160 coil anyways, prefer new damper if it doesn’t work out i’ll flip it
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    sickening crash tour of poland

    dylan groenewagen seems to have clearly moved off his line to push fabio jacobsen into the barriers to avoid getting passed, jacobsen is very seriously hurt in hospital, warning footage is disturbing tour of poland crash, problem is the sprinters have been doing this stuff for years,
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    front derailleur 34.9 clamp

    Item: 34.9 clamp front derailleur Location: ground zero.6 Price range/Willing to Pay: Extra Info: bloody ti frame with oversize tubing, have 2 front derailleurs both 31.8 clamp no fit
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    SOLD 2x front left shifter, two of

    sold Item: 2x front shifter, looking for two of the=hem Location: ground zero.5, willing to drive..but unable to leave the death zone Price range/Willing to Pay: not much Extra Info: cooking up some other hair brained scheme (my wife;s words, not mine)
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    VIC SOLD degree angled headset angleset

    sold Item: [/b] angled headset 1 degree top ec44, bottom zs56 Location: just outside the fence of ground zero Price range/Willing to Pay: 100 Extra Info: want to try steeper on trail bike
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    VIC SOLD 1” threadless mtb fork

    Item: 1” threadless mtb fork, any lying around out there? Location: the state of the great undead Price range/Willing to Pay: anything Extra Info:
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    VIC SOLD Skinny carbon bars

    Item: old skool skinny carbon bars, eg 560mm or close to Location: state of the great undead, luckily not locked down Price range/Willing to Pay: cheap-ish Extra Info: harcourt working beee next weekend
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    VIC Pedal pin give away

    Item: m4x12mm & m3x10mm Location:vic Item Condition:new, colour = stainless steel Reason for selling: bought 100, don't req all Price and price conditions: free Extra Info: enough spares for a set of pedals, some shops in melb wanted 70c per screw, the fastener place in oakleigh sold me 100 for...
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    Sold sold lx cassette 11-36 10 spd

    sold tem: ne slx 11-36 10 spd Location: wooden Item Condition:new unused in box Reason for selling: bought as bundle, don’t need Price and price conditions: 40, 5 delivery melb/ballarat Extra Info: can post Pictures:couldnt b bothered
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    VIC SOLD 24t 64bcd chain ring

    sold Item: 24t 64bcd it slx cranks 2x Location: vic Price range/Willing to Pay: anything Extra Info: for a wanker/hipster build