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    NSW Sold

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    SOLD !! Rockshox Sektor RL Fork 150mm

    Item: Sektor RL Fork 150mm Location: Coffs Harbour Item Condition: Great. a few small marks on the lowers which are very minor. paint scrape on the compression knob, some marks on the quickrelease. see pictures, the lines on the blue knob are cotton threads from a rag not marks. Reason for...
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    NSW [SOLD] Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock 7.875 x 2.25.

    Item: Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock 7.875 x 2.25. Location: Coffs Harbour NSW (will send anywhere in Australia) Item Condition: Used, good condition Reason for selling: Christmas beer Extra Info: Comes with spring and eyelets 8mm reducers Price: $140 posted anywhere in Australia.
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    Photo a day the 8th of May

    After 3 long necks of Coops red I remembered I forgot to do something today. Feeling these at the time, but hey could be the liquor. Riding: Brad Kelly Dominating last weekends NSW state race. Did he triple the new off camber section? Time: "Same time as last time I was here" Dug Black...
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    Photo a Day 22/10/08

    Ok. First up, been busy and when I'm not I have been lazy so this set, in fact both sets are taken from World Cup Round in Canbraahh. Riding - Fabien's race run, no pads at all. Fucken nobby knees are rad. Night - 4X moto out of the gates. Was way too late for riding after waiting for...
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    Turner DW Link

    09 Turner bikes are up on there website using DW link
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    Photo-a-Day 21/6/2008

    Ok lads. First one is of Troy Brosnan over the last double at Eagle. A couple of Flashes 1/250sec at f4. All Style Second one is of Isaac, an extreme hucker off veranda's. not sure of shutter but for you photogs its shot at iso 1600 at f1.4 Third one is home.. 2456. Sign at the...
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    Razor Blade makes Senior mens for World Champs

    Just got Word the Will has made the Senior team and is racing this weekend in Italy. Hopefully no DQ this time...:eek:
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    Gee Atherton - Ebay?

    his bike for sale...
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    Nationals Round 1 Results

    Razorblade O'neal Eaton Claire Emma Caroline
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    Fox DHX 600lbs X 2.30 Spring

    What: 600 lbs 2.30 Spring for Fox dhx5 Price range/Willing to Pay: 50 pp maybe more Location: Adelaide Extra Info: Nope
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    Sin City Helmet - OMG!!

    Well a while ago I posted some pics of Triggers Helmet, Grant has been back at it and Sprayed up C*Risso's D2 Quick snaps of it still make it look Crazy... Studio shots soon...
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    Metallica Riding Jersey

    Lycra and Metal dont mix, hahahahah what are they thinking
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    SA boys in Tassie

    Laurie Dinham over table - 4th u17 Tommy Rowe at the road gap - 6th u17 Troy Brosnan - 1st u15 Will Gower out of the forest - 1st u17 Will Rischbieth low over table - 2nd u19 more soon..
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    Hilltop Hoods "Pull the trigger" Sic Helmets

    Ok no need for words, apart from Props to Grant.
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    The Pirates Banshee Chaparral

    Had this for a while now but thought id post up and show everyone. Big shout outs go to Jay Macneil at Banshee for the Frame. Extra Shout out to Wayneo and the DW crew for forx, shock. and GA for his mad steerer cutting skills Weighs in at 20.2Kg Specs 07 Banshee Chaparral Large...
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    Insideline Round 4 at Bennets

    Marshy Pinning it after the second road gap Brad hitting the rock drop Darren Hobby hitting same drop
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    Anyone going to Worlds?

    Just interested to find out how many people are going to World Championship in Roto this month? Could be an excuse for drinks with the farkin crew on the friday night?
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    Chromoly Crown MTB competition in Adelaide

    Just a heads up for you all... Set the first weekend of april free guys and gals. Adelaide City Council, Volatile Visions and InsideLine along with our minor sponsors are happy to announce the Chromoloy Crown park and dirt competition. Both BMX and MTB will run with aged catagories. Entry is...
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    EV crew still alive and going strong

    Chrisso Styling up at the compound. More images on EV site