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  1. itsajoke

    FOUND 9 speed XT shifter

    Item: SL-M770 XT 9 speed shifter Location: I’m in Qld but also in lockdown. I can get to the letterbox though. Price: What you think is reasonable for such technology. Extra information: This is for a restoration of an old alloy Blur LT. Keeping it 3x9 XT if I can. Also wash your hands. Practice...
  2. itsajoke

    Sold DVO Diamond 650B 160mm SOLD

    Item: DVO Diamond 650B 160mm (adjustable) fork 100mm hub spacing Location: Townsville Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: everything else is Boost in my collection Price and price conditions: $450 posted. Extra Info: Since their last service they’ve had around 5 hours of riding. Some...
  3. itsajoke

    LOST Sparrow Hill Oakley sunglasses Half Jackets

    Today my brother dropped a pair of Oakley glasses at Sparrow Hill around More Boar/Rigour Mortis/then fire roads out (flat tyre so we took the quickest way out). The glasses are root beer coloured and a couple of seasons old. Sorry about interrupting the important Stolen threads. Cheers.
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    Sold, thanks for the interest.
  5. itsajoke

    My mistress has been stolen, help me!

    Stolen 31st of May 2013 from Hermit Park, Townsville. Keep your eyes peeled please ladies and gents. And here she is! Every time I ride her I think "I need to tell everyone how good she is!" So with some time on our hands we took some photos together and thought we'd share with everyone. The...
  6. itsajoke

    Lowering a Fox Van 36 180

    Has anyone on here had any success (or otherwise) with changing a 180mm Van 36 to 160mm by changing springs? I have read a thread on mtbr dot com about the procedure but there is no long term results posted with it. If you have knowledge or experience with this, or have Fox internals...
  7. itsajoke

    STOLEN NSW South Nowra Giant Trance

    Hey Farkineers, My brother has just told me his 07 Trance has been stolen from his garage in South Nowra. The bike is in good nic, most of the spec is original except for SLX brakes, front and rear derailluers, shifters and cranks, and some Maxxis Ignitor tyres. I think the size is Large...
  8. itsajoke

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Hope you have a good one old man, and you would've cleaned up on Father's Day too. All the best mate.
  9. itsajoke

    The birthday boy is....

    Happy birthday Pete! 17 today, how did you make it that far? All the best mate.
  10. itsajoke

    Sort of a hijack here

    Finally got the net hooked up so can keep you posted on the road bike adventures. I miss you fellas...
  11. itsajoke

    *EDIT* A chance for public drunkeness, nudity and other anti-social behaviour!

    The time has come where I must leave this fair town, so to make I sure I go and am not just looking for attention why not come down to the park for a barbeque and a few refreshments? The place: Picnic Point (Lions Park or near the Scout Hall). The day: 27th of January The time: 1pm The...
  12. itsajoke

    Saturday 29 Dec

    The proposed ride between the Non-Official Enduro Committee looks like it won't even get off the ground. I think it's too wet based on my ride yesterday afternoon and the weather wasn't much better all day. Next weekend maybe Luke?
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  14. itsajoke

    SOLD Please delete.

    Item: AZONIC OUTLAWS 26" Location: TOOWOOMBA Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: New, lighter wheelset. Price and price conditions: $180, will be freighted at your expense. Extra Info: New bearings put in back hub, 20mm front hub can convert to QR (supplied), 135mm wide rear...
  15. itsajoke

    Azonic Outlaw Owners

    If you own a set of these wheels you may be able to help me out. 1. How did you get the bearings out of the hub with that collar between the two bearings on the back wheel? 2. What size are the replacement bearings? Are they a standard type or an exotic import? Thanks if you can help.
  16. itsajoke

    22 Sep Carbarlah

    About time the dust of Carbarlah got a look so how about 6 am start to counter some of the heat. If you're keen be at the pub ready to roll at 6. edit: now 6.30am I'm already out because the trip to Townsville on Friday night. I wish you all well. EDIT:I offer my apologies to all affected...
  17. itsajoke

    Who's the birthday boy then?

    To the esteemed club secretary, happy 26th birthday old man! We'll have a few beers in your honour mate.
  18. itsajoke

    Saturday 8th September DH or GC?

    After some discussion with fellow sufferers on the ride around East Egypt last week, I've decided to have a look at Daisy Hill or Gap Creek this weekend. The proposal is to leave Ryan's place at 11am for a full day there. If you're interested let us know via this thread.
  19. itsajoke

    Race at Hidden Vale Sunday 29th July

    I'm heading down early on Sunday for this one. Is anyone interested in a seat? Two seats and two bike berths available. A bit of notice (other than late Saturday night) so I can fit the roof carrier if required. Luke mentioned coming so one taken maybe?
  20. itsajoke

    If only I could save some more...I could take them out of my bike....

    Are you into saving tubes rather than chucking them out? A bit lean for cash and can't afford new tubes? Then I may have a deal for you. I have a lot of tubes that I cannot be bothered fixing (simple punctures). The only requirement for you is to pick them up from my place or I can...