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    The Stanton slow build

    I love my Sherpa. Possibly my favourite bike ever. Very similar colour to yours…Misty blue?? Can’t wait to see it built up .
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    Electric Vehicles etc

    How about V8 blenders? Making A Smoothie Using A Blender With A V8 Engine | Top Gear - YouTube
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    Your most hated "SALE SPEAK"

    1. When they itemise all of the upgrades and add the full value to the asking price (like modding cars, it doesn't work that way. Especially when all of the "upgrades" are hanging off a garbage frame like a Polygon). 2. "Best bike I've ever ridden" - usually said by a 14 year old or a COVID...
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    Your most hated "SALE SPEAK"

    That or "Custom". Usually used on a 2017 Giant Trance...stock build with purple grips and pedals. $5,500.
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    Canberra rides and beers

    Wet stromlo grit is the most abrasive substance known to man ;)
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    Does the environment affect your purchasing decisions? ie paper vs plastic

    Yep, no more plastic bikes for me #steelisreal. Someone mentioned PNW…have two rainiers that came in cardboard packaging, online only manuals, easily user serviceable and not disposable (reverb). The v1 would have well over 10,000kms on it and still runs mint. Needs to be more of this.
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    ACT 2020 Pivot Trail 429 (Large)

    Final price drop - $4,000.
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    Industry Nine Enduro S Carbon experience (and alloy nipple question)

    And that’s why I don’t think I’d bother again. I’ve never had issues with alloy nips on alloy wheels before. But even then , if I was doing it myself from scratch I’d be going with brass for any rim
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    Industry Nine Enduro S Carbon experience (and alloy nipple question)

    I love DT hubs, but once you’ve ridden i9 you won’t go back to low engagement DTs. Weight difference between the carbon and alloy i9 enduro s wheels in 29 inch is apparently 130 grams. How much would that gap narrow once you rebuild the carbon with brass nips? My last set of carbon Reynolds...
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    Caught some of it. Came across as an absolute cooker.
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    Bars - Carbon vs. Vibrocore

    So...titanium is the correct answer?
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    ACT 2020 Pivot Trail 429 (Large)

    Price drop $4,500
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    Going back to a hardtail from a dualie?

    On my stanton sherpa I tested a 100mm, a 120mm and a 130mm. Like the 120mm the most. The change in geometry on a hardtail with a fork longer than about 130mm feels too extreme for me. I suppose you'd get use to it and anticipate it. Hardtails are feckin sweet though. Make boring trails fast...
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    Is Ride sports still trading?

    Bought some hutchy tyres off them a few weeks ago...was thinking about grabbing some more but this is a bit off-putting.