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    Long time whiskey drinker. Have been pleasantly and warmly surprised by Christy's Cut from the Timboon distillery. Still proving to be my favourite of all the aussie contenders. Easier to drink than the 18yr old Aberlour of similar strength too. Partner seems to be very fond of the no.46 from...
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    The colourful phrase dictionary

    Solutionize - the act of finding a solution and applying it, normally that odd job around the home/workshop.
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Beginning of the end for one of the great cabinet manufacturers of the world?
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    VIC Marzoccchi 55 rs 160 x26”

    How long is the steerer tube?
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    VIC 210*55 X fusion vector HLR coil

    Will trade for mid school fork. 140-160mm straight steerer. QR/15/20mm whatever drop off/Z1 etc or certain mid school pedals- 26 prerunners, arachnids, deity white stem etc. Or similar 190*51 shock. (7.5x2.0 4 way or similar.) Or something cool that's yellow.
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    VIC 210*55 X fusion vector HLR coil

    Bump $250
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    Newly Released Bikes General and celos.
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    QLD Banshee Titan XL, raw $4k

    Sold, unsold?
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    The stupid questions thread.

    Make sure you list the Scout frame on here first.
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    Russia Vs. America; Here we go again kids!

    Was interesting reading the pro Russian take as defending NATO's encroachment. Disinformation feels like it's at a record high.
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    Why you ride

    Couldn't do road. Used to run a shop in Geelong. 100 percent of staff had been hit by a driver. Best one I saw, driver shaving her legs whilst changing between her phone, razor and coffee. Breaky bowl whilst driving was common too coming in from Torquay.
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    Why you ride

    Easier than running. Less likely to do stupid shit in the car. If I can crash, it's my fault and no horse/other factor to blame. See cool places others won't. Because it's fun.
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    Which tyres do you prefer and why

    Would run the dissector/Tioga fs22 without issue again.
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    Orbea Rise

    Hmm. Really is hitting the right spot for alot of folks. Appreciate the reply, got some hard thinking to do.
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    Orbea Rise

    Hmm... It's hard to ignore. There's one coming to a local shop later this month. Hard to know whether to grab it and mix and match. Is it a normal tapered steerer or one of those stupid oversized tapered ebike ones?? Will you be changing anything? Plenty putting on different shock/fork combos etc