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    VIC Nicolai / Geometron G16

    Saw it on Facebook and thought you'd dropped several thousand off the bike until I read the description. Amazed this hasn't been snapped up but people clearly don't know what you've got.
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    The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

    You have to come on a ricketty old boat to have the Feds pay any attention.
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    I freely admit, I glanced at the bike and went straight to the comments. Was worth it.
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Solid effort to not pinch flat. You'd think they'd do another take and get a clean jump but maybe the bike couldn't handle another take. Edit:
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Sick jump casing capabilities, I need one!
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    Indeed but we couldn't get Big Cable on board. Mainly because they were also Big Hydraulic.
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    100%. The Great Disc Brake hoax by the key players in Big Disc changed everything.
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    After the business was handed down to me from a long line of Kable Krimp Pimps, it has been hard work due to the dwindling market. But it was nothing compared to the great Krimp Krash in the early 2000's when the MTB market was halved by hydraulic disc brakes. In the 2010's we've seen 1x halving...
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    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    After my massive success marketing bespoke small run packaging of coloured cable ends to a small community at cost I've decided to invest all my money into Lighten-Bro Industries. Unfortunately due to being a non-profit, I can only invest around 60 cable ends which is my remaining stock. Bring...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Quick spin with old mate Tom, his mate Mark from his work and @johnny. Mark is pretty fucking handy on a bike, looking forward to more opportunities to follow him in future :) Banter and coffee at the Handlebar after, basically living the dream.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    I heard it was purple anodized.
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    Seriously, GET OFF THE F*CKING TRAILS, you idiots.......

    Old mate seems to think you can actually ride from what I heard :) He definitely loves being held up on Skyline and makes a habit of it :p
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    work/trades...what do you do for a crust?

    We do use it for some things, but we do all the HTML ourselves to make sure it's in line with our branding guidelines.