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    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    This is where the MAGA tribe are pinning the blame. Clearly the whole thing was an antifa/BLM plot [emoji849] The levels of crazy that keep appearing is just astounding.
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    QLD Five Ten Hellcat SPD 11US (brand new)

    Item: Five Ten Hellcat SPD shoes. Black Red 11US 10UK 44.5EU Location: Brisbane but happy to post Item Condition: Brand new and unused. Reason for selling: Just not my thing. Purchased on a whim and have sat idle for 6 months so better off with someone who may use them Price and price...
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    QLD Pump Track - Brisbane - Stafford

    This turned up in the post today. Looks like we may be getting another pump track here in Inner North Brisbane, see paragraph 5 Please send Tracy a message of encouragement ( and let’s make this a happen. Already sent my message of support since Bracken Ridge and...
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    Superstitions. pelicans.

    It’s all about the coriolis effect. Left shoe first provides traction avoiding rotational deflection while putting on the right shoe. Just have to remember to reverse it in the northern hemisphere.
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    Superstitions. pelicans.

    Left shoe on before right every time. Things just don’t feel right otherwise. And if anyone says “ride safe” before I jump on the bike I know I’m going to have a problem.
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    Merry Christmas Farkiners

    and a happy non denominational winter solstice festival of shopping to you all too. No bike gear but 3 new gins, some good books, a pile of leftover ham in the fridge along with a good selection of craft beers. Ad in a pile of lego to build with the boy over the next few days and it wasn’t a...
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    Onone 45650b Rigid SS

    Very nice. Been a while since we’ve seen some ss action on here. Were the forks sourced locally or shipped in? Pretty keen on those for my HT.
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    Little Things You Love

    This one is still pretty damn hard to beat
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    Little Things You Love

    Stunning. Thank you
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    Can America be fixed?

    Just thought I’d keep the depressing reading going. The more you hear about this deal the grubbier it gets
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    Little Things You Love

    If only...
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    Little Things You Love

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    The stupid questions thread.

    Why don’t people talk in the lift?
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    The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

    Because despite being a bunch of fuckwits you can generally find a more broad range of opinions and information here than most media or other channels. Only confirmation bias you find here is to never buy a yeti or sram, which suits me just fine. Thanks for the link, a more detailed response...
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    The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

    I may have missed the discussion earlier (and can’t say I’ve really looked into it myself yet) but why? -data security? -inability to make insurance claims based on history? -3rd party data access to further marginalise those with medical conditions (employment, gov assistance etc) -some...