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    ACT Karen's Karmic Kosher Kable Krimps

    Still got any left?
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    Sold Fluid Mayhem kids bike

    Has anyone grabbed it? If not, I will...
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    Sold Stems 60mm and 80mm

    What size bars do these clamp?
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    Sold E-Thirteen 29er tyres new

    I'll take both tyres. Will PM you
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    Sold Rotors 203mm / 160mm Shimano

    160mm rotor arrived, thank you!
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    VIC SOLD. On One Inbred 14” frame, 26er

    I'm not a FarceBook user so I can't see pics.
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    Sold Rotors 203mm / 160mm Shimano

    Will PM about the 160mm rotor
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    Sold Liteville 601 MK 2 medium frame

    I could not ride this thing well enough to do it justice. Beautiful work of art.
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    NSW FREE ITEMS **** Shed clean out >>> NEW ITEMS ADDED

    I'll take the V12s, will inbox you as I need postage.
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    TAS Shed Cleanout

    Arrived last week, thank you for your seamless transaction.
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    The discount code thread

    You bitched and moaned about it, it's back again. Pushys spend $30 for "free shipping" code: freeship I have no affiliation with them.
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    TAS Shed Cleanout

    I'll grab the 36T xtr chain ring if you'll post.
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    Bike storage shed ideas...

    Thanks TRex and Alexxx
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    Bike storage shed ideas...

    Can you post a pic please?
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    The discount code thread

    Pushys doing another free shipping until Thursday 18th 11pm code: freeship