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    Pike Service Problem - Lowers won't come off

    Hold the more try and they came off. Still no idea what I did differently this time. :Banane25: Thank you again everyone. Now I can sleep well tonight!
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    Pike Service Problem - Lowers won't come off

    yes your right but they arnt coming off! I've inserted and malletted and pulled about 10 times now thinking I have missed something but no change. I am ready to give up and send them in to a shop! not the relaxing sunday I was hoping for!!!
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    Pike Service Problem - Lowers won't come off

    hahah happy to admit i have no idea what i am doing! i'll confess once I know enough to realise what I have fucked up!
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    Pike Service Problem - Lowers won't come off

    so the rods are both free as I can push them. both sides look like they have dropped oiljust not a lot out of the damper side. taken off the air side cap and pulled but same result vacuum/comes to a stop. im pulling pretty hard, in the videos they just seem to slide off so i'm not sure...
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    Pike Service Problem - Lowers won't come off

    so you think keep on bashing with the mallet?
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    Pike Service Problem - Lowers won't come off

    Hi Guys, So its a rainy afternoon and I have all the tools so i decided to have my first go at servicing the lowers on my Pike. So far I have removed followed the sram instructions and youtube videos but its not working as it should. 1. removed the air. 2. removed the rebound bolt...
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    Am I crazy for not wearing a helmet.

    So in summary. If you have good hair don't spoil it with a helmet. If you look like Johnny. Full face helmet even when your doing a milk and fags run.
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    Derby in Tassi

    1. 2 hours Sydney to launy 2. 1.5 hours launy to Derby 3. Renting a car like you said is a good option. 4. No you dont need to pay a fee (although you will want to pay for shuttles) 5. Not much formal accommodation in Derby but there is a lot of options on Airbnb. The town is pretty much...
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    All Mountain Tyres

    Seconded. Call it the minion trail. A little slower rolling on the rear than an xc tire or semi slick but great cornering, climbing, braking grip. Fantastic match for a dhf front on a trail/enduro bike.
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    Canyon MTB - Real Life Experience

    Great thread. Good information mofo.
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    Newbie From Coffs Harbour

    Check Strava or pop in to Woody's wheels in woolgoolga to see Scott. He has done some great work on some trails behind woolgoolga. I think they held an enduro event there a few weeks ago. Dozer on here is leading the charge on the DH scene in coffs too and is has the mt coramba dh back and...
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    Derby in Tassi

    I think i might be able to eek out 2 days ridding the week after the EWS is in town (say hello blown out tracks). any regulars or experienced derby riders give some advice on 1. accommodation - looking at weldborough hotel - we will have a car with us so thinking of driving into Derby...
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    The gaming thread

    don't forget to overclock that 1070 too! they all seem to be good for 2000mhz and about 9000mhz on memory
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    VIC Norco Sight Killer B, Medium $1900 - SOLD

    absolute bargain. great frame and design. with these specs this would be a $5k + new bike.