Archer, Rider
Apr 17, 1988 (Age: 35)
Upwey, Victoria, Australia
Trading History
miko, turtle muncha, hardtail free rider, iceman, Mitch_M, RCOH, LeonDanger, Jungle, rocky_mtn50 (2), _Sam, Buiy47, rhys_, Sahba, LBizzle, Blackthorn, aaron47, M.P, beno, ganabu, sidefx, bazzil ballbag, Flying_W, Funkymonkey, Newton, Axela8, CraigS, Smoo, wormer, .BP., iconic, kip01, Smacks, skwiz05 (2), brendan_h, Chris k., THE CHENZ, nicko_mx, ChopSticks, Dh Rasta, T-Rex, steel ribs, spoked wheel freak, No Skid Marks, eastie, dyl bt, mharv10, softek, James_Ball, Beardi, Leitch, Moorey(3), juzzz, Mr Kurt, MountainBikeMike, MTBcrash, tjg21, onedollarodent, Hard Nox, Old Skool, mitchy_, Gripper, Sean, Bupton, sedifus, wattieez, moman, SUSPENDED, norco_99, Newie, mapomatic, Customjimmy, special, Nick_M2r, ziggy, Udi, GilesFarnell, OCD'R, redbruce, pineapplehead, piker, The Stinky1, mypk, omac, Daniel Hale, wooogy, shake_rattle_and_ roll, simon21, Yarrahappinni, dh1, cyclingamf444, Ev, makka, haulrs, Aussie_Ryder, hendez12, Plankosaurus, MTBcrash
Deity Streetsweeper, Intense SS, Katipo DH + Shiv-air, Fit Aitken
Electronics tech.



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