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    VIC Sold

    21.5 from memory but will double check
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    VIC medium to large 26 ins mtbike or 650 /700 c 560-580 gravel disc frame

    I have a dmr for sale in frame section if you haven't seen already
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    VIC Want to hire shock wiz

    Item: shock wiz want to hire for a couple weeks will pay moneys Location: Melbourne Item Condition: working Price and price conditions: u tell me Extra Info:
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Ha ha looks like all the all the talent is in Ballarat
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.
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    TAS FOUND: cheap unicorn(150-160 mm straight steerer fork)

    I have some 05 z1 fr might let go will check Condition tonight
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    VIC Sold

    Item: dmr trailstar lt 2008 model 16inch frame new hanger straight steerer comes with new generic sealed headset Location: Melbourne can post Item Condition: good Reason for selling: collecting dust Price and price conditions: $150 Extra Info: has been painted fluro metallic good quality job...
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    TAS FOUND: Any medium or large single pivot complete bikes, half complete bike or frame only
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    VIC Blue V10 frame.

    Nothing a few cans of fiddly bits rattle coat won't fix
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    VIC Blue V10 frame.
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    VIC Cheap sram cranks gxp

    Item: need cheapish cranks preferably sram nx gxp style bb cinch setup 170mm 175mm Location: Melbourne or post Item Condition: usable condition Price and price conditions: not much Extra Info: show me what you got no bb 30 must be gxp going in older bike Pictures:
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    WTB - Fox Float X2 230x60

    Got a 2020 shock i might consider selling pending eta 2021 models want to try coil
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    Shimano 4 pot caliper.

    Yeah pretty sure. Need 160mm rotors all good if not make an offer on the calliper
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    Shimano 4 pot caliper.

    Yeah have the bolt dont have any pads no idea what its worth would swap for some decent shimano 6 bolt rotors 160mm
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    Shimano 4 pot caliper.

    Got m810 too old?