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    Derby in Tassi

    The nature of my employment says otherwise, but a legitimate suggestion for others maybe.
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    Derby in Tassi

    This is the part where I politely bow out of the conversation…
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    Derby in Tassi

    Last “love“ it got looked a treat but only lasted until the next long weekend. Then back to good old downtown Baghdad.
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    eThirteen TRS Race APS Adjuster

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    eThirteen TRS Race APS Adjuster

    From an old set of e13 cranks. These don’t have as much width as the one you want looking at your image.
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    EWS 2021 fantasy league

    I joined late and sorry to say @ozzybmx you dropped a spot. Also @moorey disappeared. Where did you go?
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    Aldi bike stuff

    That video for the ebike is gold!
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    Warburton trail updates

    Today I learned I am a “scofflaw”. Fancy that.
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    Old and angry: what pisses you off? The rants of ANGRY old men and women!

    There is one at my new “local”, ebike with bluetooth speaker that can be heard a considerable distance away. Makes getting away from the real world a challenge. Or if you’re trying to play “what noise is my bike making today” and only slightly slower than the ebike climbing.
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    PM incoming.
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    I checked the spec and mine is compatible. I’ll get my people to dig it out tomorrow.
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    What year is the bike? I have the OEM from my 2018 sitting around waiting for a pandemic related purchase…
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    FR560 or something else.

    I would consider carbon in that scenario. They aren’t bulletproof but the warranty offered by most manufacturers means that you can ding it up pretty well and get another to replace it. My new wheel was supposed to be an EX511 but stock was nil, so I went with an FR560. Noticeable difference...
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    Sold SOLD DHaRCO Gravity Pants Sold

    Item: DHaRCO Gravity Pants (2020 maybe) Location: NW Tas Item Condition: Very good, worn once Reason for selling: The forecast at Thredbo said cold and maybe snow, I had no cold weather gear, and the only thing that was close to a fit for me was these. The did a half day of walking around...
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    Specialized Stumpjumper

    The new EVO is an impressive overall bike. I did very little time on the 2019/20 EVO so I cannot compare to that. Compared to the ‘19 Stumpy and the ‘20 Enduro I prefer all facets of the new model. Except maybe the lack of plow-on-through-ness I had with the Enduro. Extra travel and plenty of...