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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    Anyone have a recommendation for a nice bright fill light with a wider that normal beam? Above doesn't look too bad, but would like slightly wider if possible? Thinking I might just shell out for a Gloworm
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    Online retailers trusted/scammers

    Day 4 and multiple emails + a phone call after contacting Pushys on Monday to let them know they sent the wrong product, and I still don't even have a confirmation that they have acknowledged the wrong part was sent, let alone are sending out the correct part. Not impressed.
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    Product Review Cleanskin products

    Their pedals are excellent value as mentioned, would recommend, also have the newer blind bearing puller but haven't used that yet so can't comment on that. The Duo lights I bought are as bright as claimed but if I'm honest, was a little disappointed with how narrow the beam was. Still great...
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    Hmm, I have a OneUp dropper that needs some new bushings and seal, will chuck you a pm Scratch that, I can't read and have a V2 post. :rolleyes:
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    That's the one. Couldn't seem to find much real world info on them so took a punt, $365 with the pushys sale and was too good a deal to pass up.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Box containing nice E13 cassette and other 12sp goodies arrived, head out to to install them and get out for a ride and.. Fark. Pushys have sent me a replacement cluster instead of the cassette.
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    WA short Stem for kids bike!

    22.2mm - you're probably going to need a BMX stem for something that short in 1-1/8th steerer. This one's cheap and would do the job?
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    You want some of these. Do a better job than most actual wire cutters for bike inner/outer cable, and are more useful for other stuff.
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    New pads cooked after 1 ride

    Looks like a warranty/replacement issue. That one on the left doesn't look right at all.
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    The Drivetrain Compatibility. Thread

    It's recommended for the clutch to band interface, not the roller clutch itself?
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    Sold Rockshox Pike Ultimate 29", RC2, 42 offset

    Item: 2020 Pike Ultimate RC2, 29", 42 offset, 190mm steerer (threaded for OneUp EDC), 2021 C1 DebonAir spring Location: NW Tas or posted ($20) Item Condition: Very good, brand new CSU (replaced under warranty by Cyclinic, no gradients), small scuff on right leg & some small marks either side of...
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    The Drivetrain Compatibility. Thread

    That would be because they don't use grease on the roller clutch, as it makes the rollers stick & not engage properly. Oil is recommended from memory?
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    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    Awesome, clearly I suck at searching. Cheers. Wanting to revive some shorts that either don't have a proper fastening system (looking at you Fox Ranger Lites), or have broken ones. The knockoff Fidlock buckles look interesting too, might grab some to try also...
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    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    I would love if someone could find a source to buy these from. Have previously even emailed Fox AU to ask if I could buy a couple as they aren't stocked in AU stores & they wouldn't ship from US, but no dice.
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    No prob, not surprised!