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    Tyre dilemma. Need help!

    Why not try Schwalbe Pro Core ? So I think your feeling you might burp your wide tyres of your rims ? I think you would be fine running tubeless but not at the ridiculous 16 - 24 psi levels that some people are... but again that is dependent of how you ride...but since you get a few pinch flats...
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    NSW Please Delete - No Longer Required

    Please delete this thread - item found
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    2014 kona Sumpreme thoughts

    Do it. Have a look at the Kona Team Australia and there results... They all love the new carbon frame... I heard Sarah Booth was reluctant to change until she got to ride one... you know the fear of breaking plastic bikes... she is now a big fan of the carbon I hear. My 2 cents. Google "the...
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    NSW Sold

    Prices Have Dropped.... and we are negotiable Dropped the prices so you can drop your cash $$$
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    NSW Sold

    Pics Apparently all the pics are not working... ? If you want pics PM me with your email and I'll get them to you ASAP...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2011 Boxxer Race White Location: Holsworthy NSW Item Condition: Limited use for 12mths by my girlfriend, has all the minor belmishes of 12mths of light riding - Has yellow spring fitted (For riders 63-72 kg). Will also include original red spring for (For riders 72-81 kg). Reason for...
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    saint ?

    Have you tried Jenson USA ? Another suggestion, this time from the US... This is a U.S supplier that is highly reputable, I have used them several times after my card details were taken off the CRC server in 2011. They had Saint brakes on special the other day under...
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    Renthal Fatbar Lite new. sold

    Rise Please ? What rise are these bars ? 10, 20, 30 or 38 ? ( Attn: the lite bars are a standard 740mm width)
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    NSW sold please delete

    Interested Interested... Got any pics ? Cheers
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    Replacing a Fox rear shock for CC DB Air

    Hi all, Have a tech question, that I'm hoping someone can sort for me. I want to replace the DHX 5.0 on my 09 Yeti 303 with a Cane Creek DB Air. I have seen a few for sale 2nd hand on here. So I was wondering if the current shock mounting hardware will accept the new shock, or do I need to...
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    WTB Yeti 303dh frame

    What year model are you after ? Hey Mate, There are a few models of Yeti 303 on the market these days. So are you referring to the original twin rail 06-09 303 ? the 25th Anniversary 303 which was also called the 303WC (not to be confused with the current Model 303WC) ?
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    NSW SOLD Fox 40 K9 Industries Performace Spring Bearing

    K9 thrust bearing. Interested... PM Sent
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    NSW Sold

    Bump! Free Bump! We need more Aussies Representing!
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    NSW Sold

    Bump!!! Free Bump.... Awesome Bike.... knew I shouldn't have bought a new car for the girlfriend.
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    Recommend me a LT Cromoly Hardtail

    What about a Cotic Rocket ??? CrMo 5in AM Dually.... ??? Cotic make some pretty sweet CrMo frames like the BFE or soul which were both previously mentioned. But since you mentioned you would like a AM dually Cotic also have the rocket... A 5in CrMo Dually which might be in your budget. I...