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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Bikes are looking super complex again. I get that late 90s early 2000s vibe with all this over engineering. I want it.
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    What do you think puts less stress on a tow bar. Platform or vertical rack?
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    2021 World Cup Downhill discussion

    Troy needs to eat some donuts, skinny boy barely moves on the straights.
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    2021 World Cup Downhill discussion

    He wasn't 6 seconds ahead of the field in the race though, so clearly he's lost a lot of form overnight. Call this guy the most consistent DH racer? pfft.
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    Offset Bushings.

    Need a sanity check here. My Merida uses a dumb proprietry IS headset with an 52 id bearing on both ends so i can't really slacken the HA without also slackening the STA and I'm already wanting a steeper STA, already got the seat as far forward as it goes. Would using an offset bushing also...
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    Lyrik or Pike?

    Another note on this is sometimes ebay will have 20% off site wide with their afterpay sales. You can nab a mezzer for $850ish
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    New Brakes? Yes no maybe?

    I've got TRP33 203mm rotors with shimano slx 4pot. Never had a heat issue with those. Guide RE's with centerlines would heat upon my meta at lake mountain.
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    Metal, Hardcore, Punk and everything inbetween

    Or just take a photo of the pile and it will take like 2 seconds. You dinosaurs and your ways.
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    Recommend me a pedal thats better than a Vault

    I introduced them to the back of my leg instead. Not bad, 5/10 pain. I think traditional pins hurt more as they demand more surface area.
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    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    you dont have to equalise the negative chamber every 50psi when you first get it?
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    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    I have no doubt its an excellent shock in the hands of someone willing to put the effort into setting it up. Just like the mezzer. Reviewers will just get the shock in the mail, put it on the bike and head on up to the top of their 3000ft elevation trails in a ute. All the mara reviews have...
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    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    The main issue i see with the mara is that the negative air chamber fills at assembly/service. So you have to rebuild your shock to get it to perform consistently after say driving up to an alpine region. Bit weird and fidly. If that feature transfers over to another shock then its dead in the...
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    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    Is anyone excited about the new dorado
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    Burnishing tool for Mezzer

    I doubt itd be any worse than the factory knock included with fox/marz forks
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    Ragley stubbing stem?

    I have a 50mm green one