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    NSW Sold

    Bump , still for sale, lots of offers, but holding firm on price
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    NSW Sold

    bump! Still for sale.
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    NSW Sold

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    NSW [SOLD] Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock 7.875 x 2.25.

    SOLD! 10chars
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    SOLD !! Rockshox Sektor RL Fork 150mm

    Item: Sektor RL Fork 150mm Location: Coffs Harbour Item Condition: Great. a few small marks on the lowers which are very minor. paint scrape on the compression knob, some marks on the quickrelease. see pictures, the lines on the blue knob are cotton threads from a rag not marks. Reason for...
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    NSW [SOLD] Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock 7.875 x 2.25.

    Item: Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock 7.875 x 2.25. Location: Coffs Harbour NSW (will send anywhere in Australia) Item Condition: Used, good condition Reason for selling: Christmas beer Extra Info: Comes with spring and eyelets 8mm reducers Price: $140 posted anywhere in Australia.
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    Photo a Day VI - Selection Thread

    Can I be a Judge?
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    World Championships Downhill course ready for action

    "it now provides for enough speed and airtime to get plenty of ‘ahhhs’ and ‘oooohs’ from the spectators and riders alike" first rate journalism right there!
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    Reassemble SRAM X7 trigger might help
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    The Photo Snob Thread

    I know but this is what i got in 2005 Just hunted out some old emails and found this. (from UCI accreditation director, no less): If not a member of AIPP or the like in Australia put N/A (as in not applicable) in Prof.card nr** field. In Note: put a note saying that you are a professional...
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    The Photo Snob Thread

    Way off, More along the lines of being a member of known Photographic Institute. i.e. AIPP.
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    Pad iv - 15-5-2009

    What they all said. best yet :)
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    Revolution Mag - In Stores now!

    Caleb puts out "Spoke" which is a popular magazine in NZ
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    Photo a day the 8th of May

    After 3 long necks of Coops red I remembered I forgot to do something today. Feeling these at the time, but hey could be the liquor. Riding: Brad Kelly Dominating last weekends NSW state race. Did he triple the new off camber section? Time: "Same time as last time I was here" Dug Black...
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    Canberra Worlds - Sportsbet?

    Ive run a book on the hill at a few world champs. Goes like this 5 beans to play. Punter to get the correct rider wins decided on closest margin to second place. I.e Kovarik by .3 Although if i remember last winner didn't claim prize. We got drunk! :D