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    NSW Transition Bank, Ex Jill Kintner

    Item: Transition Bank, 2010 Location: Sydney, NSW Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Haven't ridden it in too long / gone full roadie Price and price conditions: $1500 ono Extra Info: Size Small, which pretty much = DJ size. Fox 831, 15mm Renthal Bars 750mm ? XTR Cranks XTR Brakes...
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    LOST Lost GoPro

    Hey Peeps. I lost a GoPro yesterday while riding the Fire Trails around Darkes Forest / Appin NSW. It's complete with the holdy handle thing. From what I can tell, it was lost some where between the 10Q Trail, most the way along the 10B trail to the weir. I re-rode the sections that I was on...
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    Little Things You Hate

    LTIH: Nuke Proof and their shitty customer service, makes me hate their old products that you can't get spares for. Or maybe you can get parts ? But their service has no fucking idea !!!!! Next time i'll just pony up and buy the Hope.
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    AM 2011 Norco Range 1

    Thanks buddy. I dont know why Norco can't make this info available to the average punter :) Now i've just gotta keep an eye out in the FS section for one
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    AM 2011 Norco Range 1

    ^ I dont think so. The shock that is in there is 8.75" eye to eye (2.75" stroke) And while Norco dont publish that info, and havent responded to my enquiries I believe it is meant to be 8.5"x2.5" It's one of those things I'd like to get sorted out.
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    AM 2011 Norco Range 1

    Rebuild time ! It was suggested that this was used as some mechanism to jump start the car, but no, I'd just changed the battery... After stealing the Fork for the Blindside I needed a new fork. While I was open to pretty much anything an older TALAS turned up at a great price (thanks RB...
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    AM 2011 Norco Range 1

    Frame - 2011 Norco Range Rear shock - 8.75"x2.75" Fox DHX RC4, now fitted with 2.8"x550lbs (I bought it with a 3.25"x400lbs) Front fork - Fox TALAS 36 (2009?) 100,130,160mm adjust (I bought it with a 140-180mm TALAS) Handlebars - Nukeproof Warhead 780mm ? Stem - Transition Temple Lite Headset...
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    Remote control cars

    I have one of these too. 2S is fast enough, but 3S just takes it to something unusable other than speed runs. Mine did in the rear diff, but not too hard to fix it. Other than the original steering servo being junk and my Mrs smashing the front a-arm its been very robust.
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    Transition BlindSide

    Yes, It does look a lot better now than it started out :) I would love to have matching greens, but in reality it just wasnt going to work out. As the greens are different on different components I'm ok with it, none of the greens are touching. The sticker on the fork is the most different...
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    Transition BlindSide

    Thanks Mick. Same forks in all the pics. I pulled off the stickers and plasti-dipped them black. In hind sight I think paint would have been a better idea..
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    Transition BlindSide

    New wheels got built up late last week and when on this weekend. She's now looking like this:
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    Transition BlindSide

    Got some new stickers and cut my cables. Also replaced the bent seatpost with a smaller one and a shim. 27.2-30.4mm shim works well on a 26.8mm post into a 30.0mm tube. Ordered spokes, nipples and a front hub today. New wheels are NS Trailmaster 2. Hubs are DT 350 in the rear and Sun Ringle...
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    The discount code thread

    Thanks! I used the $10 off.
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    FOX Talas travel Adjust Speed

    They have always done this since I've had them. They have been serviced in this time and I didnt mention it as I didnt realise it was worthy of mention. They guys that did the service didnt mention it. I think they are from around 2011.