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    Help me build a bike toolset list

    My 2c against the grain, buy a cheap set. It will get you started quickly and cheaply and you can expand from there. I still have and use a lot of my tools from my cheap Chinese SuberB set I bought 12 years ago when I started to wrench my own stuff. Replace tools that you use a lot and wear with...
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    Jerseys and shorts for "Plus" sized riders

    They have a size chart on their website that wasn’t on the site I got them from. I also found charts on other pages that don’t match the one on Endura’s own site. They fit very true to that chart I find. I’m a 42-44” waist, depending on how casual I am with eating, which puts me in their 3XL...
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    Jerseys and shorts for "Plus" sized riders

    How long ago did they change? I have a couple of Royal short sleeves from maybe 2 years ago and they fit nicely. This is sad news On the subject of shorts, my last purchase was a couple of pairs of Endura Humvee shorts. They’re nice, but the jury is out just yet on longevity. They’re much...
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    Basic tool kit for fettling newbie

    Pretty much this. Unless you already have them, the cone spanners are near useless. I still have cone bearings on 2 sets of track wheels but I've only had to service once in 12 years. A good set of smaller spanners, allen keys, torx keys and screwdrivers will get you out of a lot of situations...
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    A Long Pole

    Worth pointing out to Leo if you didn't already that the price will be fairly high if he fucks up his decision re your frame. Seeing as how yours would be one of the first warranty knock backs under his new world order and you're one of "those people" who are fairly vocal across social media, if...
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    A Long Pole

    IMO Leo needs to just step back and be a silent owner, but I know he likes to get his hands dirty. I watched the whole Stamina debacle unfold as I was super happy with my Taival. Plus there's not many factory options out there for a big bopper like me. To me it looks like they just rushed in...
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    Been contemplating an ST for a while now, but hesitant at the nightmare of getting the parts to build it ATM, particularly the drivetrain. Me likey the gearboxes too. This could be a clincher. Need to save up a wee bit more though
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    Mtb gym routine

    Chasing some sort of sport specific workout is a red herring. Get strong in the gym, use your sport to tailor your strength for your sport. A workout like @HamboCairns will work well. I personally do a 2 day split with legs/back/chest day 1 and arms and shoulders day 2. That allows me to workout...
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    Knowledge on Current TV’s

    Same here. Been wanting a bigger TV but the 50” Panasonic just keeps chugging along. The chromecast keeps it relevant. If we go bigger, I want it to be an actual upgrade and the Panny plasma displays were so good that you even now have to go high end to see an improvement apparently. Whirlpool...
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    Chromag Scarab and other large pedals

    Size 13US hoof here. I started off on flats with VP Harriers. They’ve been recalled in the US but no action here. I grabbed a set of large CB Stamp 1s while waiting for a set of Stamp 7s to arrive. I’m still using the 1s and am pleasantly surprised by them. There’s many stories of the CB axles...
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    Tallest MTB rider in the world

    Might need a bigger car :oops: Dirty Sixer 36" HT would be a nice addition to my stable
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    Sold BNIB DVO Diamond Non Boost Black

    Amended sorry. Single 29er fork so 51mm offset
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    Sold BNIB DVO Diamond Non Boost Black

    150mm for 29er Comes with 2 x 10mm travel reducers and a guard
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    Sold BNIB DVO Diamond Non Boost Black

    Item: DVO Diamond non boost fork Location: Goulburn NSW Item Condition: Band new never mounted to a bike. Steerer uncut Reason for selling: Build changed direction to boost so no longer needed Price and price conditions: $850 shipped Extra Info:
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Correct. 29er is 130-150mm. 2 travel reducers in the box