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    International What’s on...TV

    World Cup round 2, XC short track on in 30 minutes, Red Bull TV
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    From the Blue Skye to the Deep Green Sea

    Sounds good. Would be interested to hear your thoughts after a bit more time on the bike. Would it be good for the longer endurance events, 100k marathons, 6 hour, 24 hours....? I’m guessing for the downs would be great but will you lose some time on the flats/climbs compared to a XC rig?
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    From the Blue Skye to the Deep Green Sea

    Any long endurance rides planned @ozzybmx ?
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    QLD 2018 Fox Float R: Aktiv

    I think everyone is eagerly awaiting for the sale of the cable cap.
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    International What’s on...TV

    Van Der Poel went so hard early, blew himself up and couldn't recover. 2nd round of the XC World Cup on Red Bull TV this coming weekend.
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    From the Blue Skye to the Deep Green Sea

    Awesome, my new favorite thread.
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    International What’s on...TV

    Amazing power, on another level. Hard to see him get beat tonight. Bec looks in good form, hope she gets a good result.
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    International What’s on...TV

    List any upcoming bike related events on the idiot box here. 1st round of the XC World Cup on Red Bull TV tonight. I think women’s race at 7pm (our time), followed by the men Giro d italia starts tonight on sbs for the next 3 weeks. Road bikes, I know.
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    Little Things You Love

    Ha ha, Uranus
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    My eyes, the goggles do nothing!
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    Is it worth starting a thread where anyone can list an upcoming race? I saw that @moorey was going to do some sort of race calendar on faceplant, I’m not a user though. My online social life starts and ends here.....clearly I need to get out of the 90’s. Yes, I still have a fax machine, last fax...
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    Stolen bike found for sale on Gumtree

    Must be one of the following: Old mate got his bike back This is another alias of @moorey Refuses to post up ad because he stole bike previously off @pink poodle Got covid can't communicate
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    Old carbon? frame, any ideas ht fans

    That saddle looks g-string inspired
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    Steel regret

    Kona Unit 2011, all original except now has hydraulic brakes. Don't ride it a lot, but love it. Contemplated selling it a number of times but is a keeper now. Usually take this on adventures with the kids.