Product Review 2019 Marin Mount Vision 8

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Remember the days before being able to seamlessly buy a bike online when you’d walk into your local bike store and read a brochure of a trail bike you want buy and the headline would say “Climbs like a mountain goat, descends like a downhill bike”. Nowadays you read the same blurb on your favourite websites and you do your research online and either make the purchase from your local store or add that dream bike to your basket online. When you treat yourself to a visit to Bicycles Online’s website and define your search to dual suspension mountain bikes, you’ll be treated to the listing of the 2019 Marin Mount Vision 8. When you click through to the details, you won’t see the corny cliché headline but after spending a good amount of time on this bike I can safely say that the headline should say “Climbs like a mountain goat, descends like a downhill bike”.

Available from Bicycles Online for the presently discounted price of $5,499...

Product Review OneUp Components Dropper Post and remote

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Ah, the myriad of mountain bike dropper posts! We’re very spoilt for choice in this field but ultimately they all do the same thing yeah? Well, Yes and no. Read on to find out more on the sweet OneUp Components Dropper Post and remote available from Mountain Bikes Direct!

Item: OneUp Components Dropper Post and remote
Purchased From: Mountain Bikes Direct (Click Here for the product page)
Purchase Price (approx): $264.95 for the post, $64.95 for the remote. Both come in several options for sizing and clamp preference.

Product outline: If you’ve used a dropper post then you know the drill. They turn a good bike into a great bike and make the capability of riding gravity trails more enjoyable by dropping the post and saddle out of the way so you can holler all the way down, flick...
Catch up with Jack Moir days before he defends his Australian National Championship
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Garth Dozer Roberts from Coffs Downhill had a chat with Jack Moir a few days before he defends his Australian National Championship at Bright in Victoria.

G’day Jack, 2018 is looking like a pretty sweet year for you in the racing world, what events have you got planned?
Hey mate, at the moment I have a pretty packed schedule: Full world cup series, Full Crankworx series, a few Aussie nationals and a few EWS events if they are conveniently placed in with the DH schedule.

You’ve spent some time racing a couple of the Australian Downhill National series rounds in the Australian summer and won the first two events, that’s gotta be a great credit to your hard work in the off season?
Yeah the first 2 rounds were some of my favourite tracks in Australia (Coffs Harbour and Awaba), so it...

WA Welcome to 2018 WA Gravity Enduro

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A short breakdown on the upcoming Enduro locations in 2018 for the Chain Reaction Cycles WA Gravity Enduro Series!

Rotorburn Gets A Refresh

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14 years is a long time in the computer world. The fact that Rotorburn (previously Farkin) has been around that long makes me feel quite old. At the risk of getting all nostalgic it's been a long time for us who are still here *sniff*.

Huge shout out to our advertisers, if it weren't for their support this site would have packed up a long time ago. SuperSports and GripSport in particular have been with us for over 10 years!!! If you ever see Rodney (SS) or John (GS) make sure you shout them a drink...

Another shout out goes to our moderators that have done a fantastic job keeping the place clean for all these years. It takes a great deal of patience and time to be a moderator, always the unsung heroes of the Internet forum. Without them, pandemonium ensues.

This week we've started the daunting task of upgrading the website. It's rather large so we're doing bits at a time. The new forum is now online with the front page to follow. You'll notice little things here and there change...

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